The Stalker Radar Arrowmaster, heavy duty arrow trailer from Applied Concepts.

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Stalker Message Center 360 Stalker's new mast-mounted, heavy duty arrow trailers

Rotates 360 degrees - Innovative design allows mast to raise, lower, pivot, and lock for easier towing, setup and positioning

15 light model
15 light model

25 light model
25 light model

Versatile, low-operating-cost arrow trailers that provide maximum visibility at all times while directing traffic through construction zones.

In 15 Light or 25 Light Models

Autonmy - 30 days of continuous
operation without sun

Solid State Controller - Durable full-mode configuration and LED display

Travel position
Travel Position

Travel Configuration - Mast lowers to travel position for easier towing and reduced wind resistance

Removable Tongue - Designed for safety and security

On-board Battery Charger - Standard equipment - for prolonged battery life

Top Mounted Solar Panel - Shadow free,
in constant horizontal position

15-Light - Intro price $4,499.00
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25-Light - Intro price $4,699.00
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The Stalker Arrowmaster

Top mounted Solar PanelsSealed beam lampsDeep cycle batteries and on-board charger
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  15-Light 25-Light
Weight 720 lbs. (327 kg) 750 lbs. (340 kg)
Tongue Weight 70 lbs. (32 kg) 70 lbs. (32 kg)
Length 110" (2.8 m) 110" (2.8 m)
Height 68" (1.73 m) 68" (1.73 m)
Travel Height 102" (2.6 m) 102" (2.6 m)
Operation Height 142" (3.6 m) 142" (3.6 m)
Main Frame 11 ga. formed steel channel - 2" x 3" x .120 Mild Steel Tube
Lift Mechanism 1500 lb. Anti-reversing lift system
Axle 2,000 lb. axle, 1,400 lb. leaf springs, roller bearings and hubs
Solar Panel Watts 40 watts 40 watts
Sign Panel Size 48"H x 96"W (1.2 m H x 2.4 m W) 48"H x 96"W (1.2 m H x 2.4 m W)
Battery Type Series 27, deep-cycle Marine Series 27, deep-cycle Marine
Battery Amp Hours (total) 210 hours 210 hours
Autonomy 30 days at 78°F (25°C) 30 days at 78°F (25°C)

Stalker Arrowmaster Solar panel

Solar Panel
Single, top-mounted unit in constant horizontal position for maximum charging capabilities in both the operating and travel modes.

Stalker Arrowmaster Sealed Beam Lamps

Sealed Beam Lamps
The 5”, amber, PAR 46, LED lamp is a sophisticated, high-output, low-power-consumption, sealed-beam lamp with a life that is unparalleled by other conventional arrow board lamps. The lamps are covered with high-impact plastic hoods and backed by a five-year warranty.

Solid State Controller
The Arrowmaster V hi-tech, solid-state controller incorporates an automatic intensity control that keeps the lamps bright, even under low battery conditions. Auto-Trac provides an automatic full-time tracking system that adjusts the lamp intensity to the ambient light conditions.

Stalker Arrowmaster On-board Battery Charger

On-Board Battery Charger
Each model is equipped with an on-board, two-mode battery charger. Frequent use will prolong battery life.

Maintenance Access Cover
The two-mode battery charger, the controller and the deep-cycle batteries are securely enclosed in an easy-access, lockable, ventilated, steel battery box.

Graffiti-Resistant Paint
Durable powder coating keeps the trailer looking clean and neat for a professional department image, while its all steel construction provides a sturdy platform and reduces damage sustained in the field.

Removable Tongue
Designed for safety and security.

Display Modes

Stalker Arrowmaster Signals

Wheel Jack
Wheel Jack
SKU: 015-1819-00

Price: $99.00

Wheel Lock
Wheel Lock
SKU: 015-5603-00

Price: $199.00




Coupler lock
Coupler Lock
SKU: 015-1436-00

Price: $99.00

Spare Tire
SKU: 015-2920-00

Price: $199.00





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