The New Stalker X-Series LIDAR - XLR and XS from Applied Concepts.

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All new X-Series LIDAR from Stalker
Introducing the Stalker X-Series LIDAR

Stalker leads the industry again with the
X-Series LIDAR!

SMALLEST hand-held LIDAR (gun type)
on the market today
LIGHTEST hand-held LIDAR (gun type)
on the market today
Fastest acquisition time
Removable, high capacity, Li-Ion rechargeable battery handle
Ergonomic, water resistant design
Speed and distance in Heads-up display
Advanced tracking with C-Thru Technology
Optional Data Logging, Following-Too-Close,
and Bluetooth technology
Heads-Up Display


Small, lightweight, and powerful. Superior range, fast target acquisition, and solid tracking.


For applications where long range isn't necessary, the Stalker XS excels in close-in urban settings.

The all new Stalker X-Series LIDAR Show larger view of Stalker XLR LIDAR

The new X-Series Display and KeypadThe Small and Lightweight X-Series LIDARThe Stalker X-Series LIDAR powerful optics
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XLR & XS-EU CE Approved

Removable High Capacity
Battery Handle

The new snap-in Li-Ion battery handle provides ample power to last two or more shifts. Plus, the battery can be expected to last through more than 500 charging cycles.

Better for the environment.
Better for your budget.

If you compare Stalker’s rechargeable, high-capacity battery handle to replacing set after set of AA-cells, the economy becomes clear - Stalker’s Lithium Ion battery handle is dramatically cheaper to use over its lifetime.

Plus, it lasts several shifts.

And, you’re not introducing dangerous chemicals to your local landfill.
  AA-Cell (4) Li-Ion Handle
Voltage 6 7.2


Battery or
charge cost
$2.00 $0.10
Energy cost/hour $0.48 $0.01
LIDAR Lifespan 7 years 7 years
Battery Handle cost $0 $63.00
Cost over lifespan $2,392.32 $115.46


The Stalker X-Series LIDAR packs the industry’s most advanced technology into the industry’s smallest package. Plus, the new C-Thru Mode gives the XLR the ability to track moving vehicles through obstructions, school and construction zones, and in the worst weather conditions.

The Stalker LIDAR XLR and XS are the smallest and lightest hand-held, gun-type lasers on the market today. At a mere 2.3 lbs. including removable/rechargeable battery handle, the X-Series may be lightest of all the hand-helds, but it’s no lightweight. The new snap-in Li-Ion battery handle provides ample power to last two or more shifts. Plus, the battery can be expected to last through more than 500 charging cycles.

Target acquisition is 1/3 second. The X-Series Long Range (XLR) is the best choice for targets as far as 4,000 feet away while the X-Series Standard (XS) is ideal for metropolitan and suburban departments.

Stalker C-Thru Technolgy

XLR Exclusive Feature:

C-Thru Mode

The C-Thru Mode learns where your obstructions are, and once learned, the unit will ignore trees, leaves, bushes, poles and other obstructions automatically.

XLR Optional Features:

Bluetooth - NEW

The XLR can connect with peripherals such as printers or speed display signs. In the client mode, it allows the XLR to connect to a PC for serial data transfers or use with the Data Logging feature.

Data Logging - NEW

Capturing and logging speed and time data is as easy as releasing the trigger. Storing up to 3,000 data sets in non-volatile memory, the data is either captured automatically or only when accepted by the operator.

Following-Too-Close - NEW

Easily set up, the XLR automatically compensates for cosine error. Taking readings of two vehicles inside a 3-second window calculates the time a following vehicle will take to reach the current position of the car in front.

XLR and XS Advanced Feature:

Zone Mode

This allows the operator to easily define a specific such as a school zone or reduced speed construction zone. The unit will then only obtain speeds while the target vehicle is in that area.

Inclement Weather/Obstruction Mode

The X-Series units have, as standard, a Inclement Weather/Obstruction Mode which allows the unit to work in rain, snow, blowing dust, fog, as well as through fences, tree branches, etc. This also increases the operating distance when using the X-Series LIDARs through the front windshield of the patrol car.


The X-Series LIDAR now have software that not only detects but ignores jamming pulses and continues to provide accurate speed tracking.

XLR and XS Standard Features:

Lowest Cost of Ownership

Stalker products are priced competitively and built to last. But should your X-Series LIDAR ever need repair, you can count on a fair price based on your LIDAR’s specific needs, not a one-charge-fixes-all blanket price. That’s what we mean when we say that Stalker has the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.

Continuous Tracking Modes

New improvements in the X-Series Lidar allow the operator to continually track a target vehicle, even through the windshield of the patrol vehicle without having to place the unit in a special mode. This offers the best “thru-windshield” targeting range of any Lidar unit in the field today.

Doppler-Type Audio Tracking

Since most laser operators also operate radar, the X-Series LIDARs generate a continuous Doppler-type audio tone which correlates to the target speed.


Dimensions: 22.6 cm Height, 11.9 cm Length, 11.9 cm Width
Weight: Including Battery Handle - 1.05 kg
Housing: High Impact Resistant polymer housing
Environmental: -30° to +60° C, operating -40° to +85° F, non-operating
Humidity Protection: +37.2° C, 90% Relative Humidity
Battery Life: Typically 500+ charge cycles
Battery Charge: Li-ion battery: Approx. 2 - 3 shifts
Type Handheld LIDAR offering Tracking mode, Single-Shot mode, and Time/Distance mode.
Acquisition Time: 1/3 second
Nominal Range : XLR LIDAR
Minimum - Range mode <1.5 m - Speed mode 15 m
Normal = 762 m approaching targets
Maximum >1000 m

Minimum - Range mode <1.5 m - Speed mode 15 m
Maximum 610 m
Range Accuracy: Less than 0.3 m (typical +0.15 m)
Speed Measure: 1.6 km/h to 481 km/h, 2 knots to 344 knots)
Speed Accuracy: ±1 km/h, ±1 knots
Time/Dist. trigger mode: Separate trigger depressions when target enters and exits speed zone.
Remote Trigger: Remote trigger signal available through I/O Port.
Target Speed Tone: Variable audio tone corresponding to target speed
Target Return Tone: No tone when beam is off target; tone repetition increases as beam moves into target and return signal quality increases.
Switching Output: I/O Port signal for operation of external devices (e.g. a camera). Toggles when speed exceeds speed signal setting. (special order only)
Operating Wavelength: 905 ±10 nm Peak @ 25° C
Eye Safety: Class 1M Laser Product - complies with IEC 60825-1:2007-03. Ed. 2.0
Power Output: 20uW maximum average power
(154 nJ maximum pulse energy)
(meets FDA/CDRH regulations)
Pulse Width: < 30 nsec.
Beam Divergence: < 3 ± 0.5 mrad FWHM.
.9 m x .9 m @ 304.8 m


Stalker Radar introduces new X-Series traffic speed enforcement LIDARs.

San Diego, CA (Sept. 29) -- Stalker Radar and LIDAR, the World Leader in Speed Measurement unveiled its new X-Series traffic speed enforcement LIDARs at the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Conference and Law Enforcement Education and Technology Exposition.

"The all-new Stalker LIDAR XLR and XS are the smallest and lightest hand-held, gun type lasers on the market today," according to Bill Fagan, Stalker Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "Stalker Engineers achieved substantial reductions in size and weight through development of circuit miniaturization technologies and advanced manufacturing techniques.

"At 2.3 lbs. including the removable/rechargeable battery handle, the X-Series may be light but it's no lightweight," Fagan said. "The Li-Ion battery handle provides ample power to last two or more shifts, depending on how long and often speeds are measured. The ergonomic design, coupled with the light weight, makes the X-Series LIDAR comfortable and accurate to use.

"Acquisition time is under 0.4 second with solid tracking and the industries longest range."

The X-Series Long Range (XLR) is the best choice for targets as far as 4,000 feet away while the X-Series Standard (XS) is ideal for metropolitan and suburban departments.

The X-Series LIDARs feature rugged molded polycarbonate bodies that stand up to almost anything encountered during an officer's day or night.

Along with exclusive simultaneous speed/distance HUD display, both LIDAR models feature tracking (continuous) and single-shot modes with a variable auto tone corresponding to target speed, much like a radar's Doppler tone which many officers are already familiar. There is no tone when no target is being tracked, while tone repetition increases as the beam moves into the target and return signal quality increases.

Speeds can be measured from 1-299 mph, 2-481 km/h, and 2-344 knots, all with ±1 unit accuracy. They are waterproof and can operate from -22°F to 140°F.

Both the XLS and XS are FDA/CDRH CLASS 1M Laser Devices which means they are eye-safe.

The LIDAR X-Series is designed and manufactured exclusively by Stalker Radar, the World Leader in Speed Measurement. Law enforcement organizations, professional sports teams, and manufacturers around the globe requiring state of the art speed measurement applications look to Stalker Radar products for the utmost in quality and value.

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