The Stalker Radar LIDAR LR hand-held police laser from Applied Concepts.

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Stalker LIDAR LR

The Stalker LIDAR LR

Why the LIDAR LR?

Newly Engineered from the ground up!

  • Greater Range
  • Consistent Target Tracking
  • Faster Target Acquisition
  • Newly Designed Optics
  • Updated Electronics
  • Forward Swept Li-ion handle
  • New ergonomic, rechargeable battery handle provides
    better balance, which means less physical stress
  • Integrated battery charger
  • Improved latch-secured handle
  • State-of-the-art Surface Mount Technology
  • New 32-bit processor compared to the previous
    8-bit processor
  • New CPU’s clock rate is 5X faster for faster
    target aquisition
  • Standardized receiver board built to accommodate
    future enhancements
  • Time Distance Converter (TDC) for improved
    time/distance measurements
  • Doppler Audio Tracking

The Stalker Radar LIDAR LR

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The re-engineered Stalker LIDAR LR is the top choice for precision speed detection of closely bunched vehicles and is right at home in urban traffic settings. Whether used by the mounted officer or dismounted patrol officer, the LIDAR LR allows pinpoint accuracy in settings that would be a challenge to other means of speed measurement.

Stalker LIDAR LR heads-up display
New Forward-Swept Li-ion Handle
LIDAR LR’s new Li-ion forward-swept handle facilitates a more natural grip with less tension on the wrist and better posture for the operator.

Newly Designed Optics: The Heart of the LR
The new 44mm lenses provide better target illumination, greater signal-to-noise ratio, and clearer return signal reception.
All optical improvements add up to a typical distance of 4,000 feet.

Speed and Range in Heads-Up Display
Pioneered by Stalker’s original LIDAR, the LR’s Heads-Up Display (HUD) shows both speed and range information together and visible to the operator. This allows target distance confirmation without having to lower the device from eye level to look at the LCD.

New Electronics Improve Processing
Internal circuit boards have been combined for speedier processing and easier service. The result is a 284:1 increase in processing power yielding an increase in time and resolution.

Dynamic Range Capabilities
The STALKER LIDAR LR now features an improved tracking algorithm, leading to smoother tracking, fewer dropouts, and a reduced sweep effect.

Single-Shot and Continuous Tracking Modes

The LIDAR LR can be set in Single-Shot mode where the trigger is pressed and the unit locks on a single speed reading. Or, the unit can be operated in tracking mode where the trigger is pressed and the unit takes continuous, real-time speed readings.

Doppler-Type Audio Tracking
Since most laser operators also operate radar, the LIDAR LR generates a continuous Doppler-type audio tone which correlates to the target speed. Just like the audio on a police radar, this audio is a substantial aid to understanding and building a target tracking history - providing a better evidentiary case for citations.

Dimensions: 9.4” Height, 6.8” Length, 4.2” Width
(23.9 cm Height, 17.3 cm Length, 10.7 cm Width)
Weight: Including Battery Handle - 3.9 lbs (1.77 kg)
Housing: Metal case with rubber end caps
Environmental: -30° to +60° C, operating -40° to +85° C, non-operating
Humidity Protection: +37° C, 90% Relative Humidity
Battery Life: Typically 300 - 330 charge cycles
Battery Charge: Li-ion battery: Approx. 2 - 3 shifts
(6) AA Alkaline batteries: Approx. 2 shifts
(6) AA Rechargeable batteries: Approx. 2 shifts
Type Handheld LIDAR offering Tracking mode, Single-Shot mode, and Time/Distance mode.
Acquisition Time: Less than .4 second
Nominal Range : Minimum <5 feet (1.5 m)
Normal = 2500 feet (762 m) approaching targets
Maximum >4000 feet (1200 m)
Range Accuracy: Less than or equal to 1 foot (.3 m)
Speed Measure: 2 mph to 299 mph (2 km/h to 481 km/h,
2 knots to 344 knots)
Speed Accuracy: ±1 mph (±2 km/h, ±0.86 knots)
Time/Dist. trigger mode: Separate trigger depressions when target enters and exits speed zone.
Remote Trigger: Remote trigger signal available through I/O Port.
Target Speed Tone: Variable audio tone corresponding to target speed
Target Return Tone: No tone when beam is off target; tone repetition increases as beam moves into target and return signal quality increases.
Switching Output: I/O Port signal for operation of external devices (e.g. a camera). Toggles when speed exceeds speed signal setting. (special order only)
Operating Wavelength: 905 10 nm Peak @ 25° C
Eye Safety: FDA/CDRH CLASS 1 Laser Device (Eyesafe)
Power Output: 50 uW maximum average power
(385 nJ maximum pulse energy)
(meets FSA/CDRH regulations)
Pulse Width: < 30 nsec.
Beam Divergence: < 3 mrad FWHM.
3 feet x 3 feet @1000 feet (.9 m x .9 m @ 304.8 m)
Spanish LCD Available  

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