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Applied Concepts Successful In Patent Dispute with Kustom Signals, Inc.

Applied Concepts, Inc. of Plano, Texas, manufacturer of STALKER RADAR, the leading United States manufacturer of police traffic radar equipment, has successfully prevailed in a patent infringement dispute with one of its competitors, Kustom Signals, Inc. In a decision rendered this month, September 2001, the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit agreed with the earlier conclusion of the United States District Court for the District of Kansas that the innovative technology of Applied Concepts which enables a search for both fastest and strongest targets does not infringe a Kustom Signals’ patent. In affirming the dismissal of the Kustom Signals action against Applied Concepts, the Federal Circuit stated that the history of the Kustom patent prevents Kustom from claiming that the Applied Concepts’ method, which simultaneously performs and displays both search modes, would infringe.

This trumpeting of Applied Concepts technology for the display of both strongest and fastest speeds by police traffic radar units has not been limited to the Kustom/Applied Concepts litigation, but is also part of an overall policy of aggressive patent enforcement by Applied Concepts. As stated by a spokesman for ACI, “we are willing to discuss licensing of our “fastest/strongest” technology on reasonable terms to anyone who is interested. However, we have too much invested in this patented technology to allow the industry (whether a manufacturer or a user) to just take or use our technology with impunity”. In that regard, Applied Concepts has recently filed patent infringement litigation in the Eastern District of Texas (Texarkana Division) against Decatur Electronics and McCoy’s Law Line, a company owned by Kenneth McCoy – a former employee and director of ACI – for willful infringement of not only its strongest and fastest patents, Patent No. 5,525,996 and Patent No. 5,691,724, but other patents of ACI. “We would prefer to avoid litigation, if possible”, continued the company spokesman. “Applied Concepts is therefore currently engaged in licensing discussions with others in the industry”. Applied Concepts may be reached at 972-398-3750.

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