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New VSS Adaptor Enables the Stalker DSR to Maintain Perfect Patrol Speed Tracking

  •  The radar will NEVER shadow
  •  Moving / Stationary selection becomes automatic
  •  It tracks and acquires patrol speeds from 1-200 MPH
  •  Instant-On operation can be quicker

Patrol Speed Anomalies
Moving traffic radar systems measure the patrol car's speed by tracking the radar return off the road surface in front of the patrol car (ground speed). Occasionally a radar can be "mislead" when the patrol car is following another vehicle that is moving at a speed that is substantially different from the patrol car's speed. When this happens, the radar will see the speed differential between the vehicles and pick that as the patrol car's speed. This is called "Shadowing."

Sometimes the Radar Needs Help
The radar may get signals from many sources while a patrol car is moving; ground speed, closure speeds from oncoming vehicles, and relative speed differentials of multiple vehicles ahead of the patrol car. Sometimes the radar just needs a little help in picking which speed is the actual ground speed. With conventional radars it is up to the operator to make sure that the radar has made the correct decision on which signal is the ground speed. The Stalker DSR solves the problem by using the VSS signal to tell the radar which radar signal is the ground speed.

The VSS Speedometer Signal
All modern vehicles have a VSS sensor (Vehicle Speed Sensor) attached to the transmission or an axle that generates a speed signal. This signal is used by the speedometer, cruise control, and some of the engine and transmission computers. By tapping into this electronic signal the Stalker DSR can monitor the patrol vehicle's speed as measured by the car's VSS sensor.

Patrol Speed "Steering"
The VSS speed information is used only to help the radar pick the correct ground speed. The radar's patrol car speed is still always measured by radar. The VSS simply helps steer the radar into making the right choice.

Automatic Moving / Stationary
A VSS equipped Stalker DSR will automatically switch between moving and stationary modes. When the patrol car comes to a stop at a traffic light, the radar automatically switches from the moving mode into stationary mode. The operator can immediately track other cars from the stationary mode without having to touch anything on the radar.

Patrol Speeds from 1-200 MPH
With the VSS option installed, the Stalker DSR will read and acquire the patrol car speeds from 1-200 MPH.

Quicker Instant-On Operation
Sometimes a moving radar will take extra time to get readings when switched from standby (hold) to transmitting when it has difficulty establishing the patrol speed. Using a Stalker DSR with VSS ensures that instant-on operation is always instant.

Once the VSS cable is wired and attached to the Stalker DSR, and the radar is operated in the moving mode, the DSR performs an "Auto-Calibration" sequence. This sequence matches the VSS signal to the radar ground speed. This patent pending automatic synchronization routine overcomes concerns that tire wear could impact accuracy and allows the radar to be effortlessly switched betweens vehicles.

Cable & Software Upgrades Available
The VSS option includes a special cable assembly and upgraded software for the Stalker DSR. Existing DSR units can be upgraded to the VSS system by updating the radar's software EPROM and adding a VSS cable assembly.

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