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Sports Radar

Testing System

LED Displays
> 3-1/2 Digit LED
> 2-1/2 Digit LED

LED Speed Sign Systems
> Pro II Package
> Sport 2 Package
> Solo 2 Package

Legacy Sport Radar Gun Accessories
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Stalker Pro II
Stalker Pro II
High Performance Sports Radar Gun
The first sports radar capable of measuring the speed of supersonic objects - moving through the air, over land, or on the water. Click here to add to cart LEARN MORE >>
Price: $1,199.00
Stalker Pro II
Stalker ATS II
Acceleration Testing System II
The combination of the incredible Stalker ATS II professional radar and the new, more powerful ATS II software Click here to add to cart LEARN MORE >>
Price: $1,999.00
Stalker Sport 2
Play Sport 2 video Stalker Sport 2
Baseball Radar Gun
The next-generation Stalker Sport 2 is the powerful, and easy to use baseball solution. Click here to add to cart LEARN MORE >>
Starting at only: $499.00
(3 packages available)
Pro II LED Package
Stalker LED Speed Sign Systems
Complete Sports LED package
Includes Stalker gun, LED Display, Tripod, mounts and case.
Stalker Solo 2
Stalker Solo 2
Sports Radar Gun
The Do-It-All Sports Radar. Tracks pitched baseballs, vehicle speed, tennis ball and midway game balls.
Click here to add to cart LEARN MORE >>
Price: $849.00
Stalker LED Signs
LED Speed Signs
Next-generation High Intensity LED
Available in 2 1/2- and 3 1/2-digit configurations. LEARN MORE >>

2 1/2-Digit: $529.00
3 1/2-Digit: $645.00
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