The New Stalker X-Series LIDAR - School Zone / Construction Zone Modes from Applied Concepts.

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The Stalker LIDAR XLR School Zone/Construction Zone Modes.

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PLANO, Tex. (May 1) -- Precision speed enforcement in school and construction zones is possible with the latest enhancement of Stalker’s LIDAR XLR. The industry’s smallest and lightest hand-held traffic laser allows the operator to define a specific zone for speed enforcement while excluding targets outside of that zone.

Stalker’s LIDAR XLR’s School Zone / Construction Zone mode is ideal when pedestrian safety is threatened by excessive speed or inattentive motorists. An officer can quickly and easily use the XLR to set the boundaries of an enforcement zone where a mandatory speed reduction is required.

Using the School Zone / Construction Zone mode eliminates the common violator contention of being out of the zone when their speed was measured. Plus, the XLR can be reset into normal mode in a matter of seconds.

The XLR also features an Inclement Weather mode and Stalker’s C-Thru Technology which enables the XLR to ignore objects like trees, bushes, poles, and fences between it and the target vehicle. And its anti-jamming software detects and ignores jamming pulses while continuing to provide accurate speed tracking.

A One-Year parts and labor warranty protects an agency’s investment.

The XLR is backed up by a full line of accessories, including: holsters for Harley-Davidson, Honda, and BMW; extra battery handles and a variety of chargers; hard and soft carrying cases; and tripod and shoulder mounting attachments.

At 2.3 lbs. including battery handle, the XLR weighs the least of all the hand-held Lidar devices. The Li-Ion battery handle typically provides ample power to last two or more shifts.


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