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Can’t Connect Your Radar to your VSS System? No Problem!

The Stalker Speed Module

When you buy a new patrol vehicle, you expect it to be better than the last one, right? Better gas mileage, better safety ratings, more cupholders….

But what if the manufacturer of your new patrol vehicle takes away something very important that you use every day to do your job?

What if they take away VSS access, so now you can no longer connect your dash-mounted radar system directly to your vehicle’s speed sensing computer?

For many late-model patrol vehicles, this is exactly what happened.

The Problem

Connecting directly to the vehicle’s computer via the VSS cable (either through an OBD-II port or by wiring directly into the cable itself) used to be the only way all dash-mount radar systems were able to calculate the speed of vehicles while you were in motion. When access to this cable was removed, many customers were unable to use their Stalker Radar systems in their new patrol vehicles.

Every police radar company faced this same dilemma. Some companies created a solution that relied on GPS to track patrol vehicle speeds so that their radar’s moving mode readings could maintain accuracy.

But if you have ever used a GPS system in a tunnel, in a dense urban environment, while driving through mountainous areas, or even while in a forest, you know that the GPS’s signal can be easily lost. And while this can be an annoyance while using a map app on your phone, it has the potential to render a GPS-powered radar system unreliable or even unusable in certain locations.

The Solution

Our engineers here at Stalker knew that GPS alone was not enough to solve the problem. That is why we developed a solution that combines the ease of GPS with our proprietary Inertial Navigation Technology. Now we can accurately determine your patrol vehicle’s speed no matter how much steel, concrete, or other interference is between you and a GPS satellite – no VSS connection required.

Meet the Stalker Speed Module

The Stalker Speed Module is a small plug-and-play device that attaches right to the back of any of your current Stalker radar units- and it is so simple that anyone can do it in under two minutes. We have Speed Modules available for all 4 of our dash mount radar systems, including the DSR 2X, the DSR, the DUAL SL, and the Patrol. We offer versions for both internal and external antennas.

Internal GPS Antenna Models

The Internal GPS models are designed for use with counting units that are mounted on the dashboard of the patrol vehicle. The GPS component is housed in the Speed Module, and needs to be placed so it has a clear view of the sky.

External GPS Antenna Models

The External GPS antenna model is used when the counting unit is mounted somewhere other than the dashboard, such as under the seat. Use the included 9’ (2.75 m) long cable to connect the Speed Module to the included external GPS antenna that will be mounted on the dashboard in clear view of the sky


Of course, the Stalker Speed Module also supports the very popular Stalker Moving/Stationary auto-switching features found on many of our radar units.

Stalker Radar’s products are renowned for their longevity. We work hard to keep your Stalker radars on the road, even in the face of rapidly changing vehicle technology and evolving National Highway Traffic Safety.

Click here to connect with your Stalker rep to learn more or to get your Stalker Radars connected to your new patrol vehicles today!

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