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For the past 36 years, Applied Concepts, Inc. (dba Stalker Radar) has been designing and manufacturing high quality electronics from our facility in Richardson, Texas, a northern suburb of Dallas. Stalker Radar is now the nation’s largest manufacturer of speed radar.

The Technology Leader

In 1989, Stalker Radar pioneered the use of digital signal processing (DSP) with Doppler speed radar with the revolutionary Stalker ATR Ka band police radar. Since the ATR radar, Stalker Radar has continued to lead the industry with the development of digital antenna communication, microstrip antenna design, double balanced mixers, and most recently, digital direction sensing Doppler radar. Stalker radars are clearly the most sophisticated and advanced available, boasting the highest level of performance and accuracy.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

As a leader in the design, development, sale, and distribution of speed radar equipment, Applied Concepts, Inc., is registered as a certified Quality Management System.

The Industry Innovators

Applied Concepts, Inc., formed in 1977, introduced the first Stalker radar to the law enforcement industry in 1989.

Stalker Radar has become the dominant Doppler radar system and continues to lead the industry in technology breakthroughs and product innovations. Stalker team members were involved in almost every significant radar-based product development since 1970 including:

• The first solid state police radar
• The first moving traffic radar
• The first K-Band radar
• The first K-Band hand-held radar
• The first microprocessor radar
• The first Ka-Band radar
• The first cordless radar
• The first DSP radar
• The first “long range” radar
• The first digital antenna radar
• The first radar simultaneously tracking strong and faster
• The first direction sensing moving radar
• The first radar with Automatic VSS Calibration
• The first radar with Automatic VSS STA/MOV switching
• The first radar that simultaneously monitors 2 moving zones or 4 stationary zones
• The first radar with Rear Traffic Alert
• The first radar to track Same Lane faster targets both above and below the patrol speed.
• The first radar with Virtual VSS™

Stalker will continue to innovate and to demonstrate the ability to lead all competitors.

Stalker Radar - A history of innovation












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