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Stalker has teamed with Mobile Communications America, Inc. to offer many of our most popular products, to government buyers through GSA Advantage!. Purchasing off a GSA Schedule reduces the time, cost and bureaucracy in purchasing goods and services. Additionally, we offer FREE shipping for most products within the continental US to all our GSA customers.

In addition to the federal government - state, local & tribal government entities may also purchase Stalker products off Gately’s GSA Schedule.

For assistance with ordering, call Mobile Communications America, Inc.:
1-800-335-5431, or e-mail at

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The Stalker Traffic Data CollectorStalker II

Stalker Traffic Data Collector

The Stalker Spectre Elite Radar Detector DetectorStalker II

Stalker Spectre ELITE

CopTrax In-Car Video SystemStalker II

CopTrax In-Car Video

CopTrax In-Car Video - if purchased with the 36 month
CJIS Cloud Storage

CopTrax II In-Car Video

CopTrax II In-Car Video - if purchased with the 36 month CJIS Cloud Storage


New Catalog
Available Soon

An All New Stalker Catalog of Law Enforcement Products for Military and Tribal Police will be available soon for download.

Stalker GSA All Products Catalog


GSA Advantage!

GSA Advantage!® is an online purchasing service created within the GSA organization. Its mission is to provide a streamlined, efficient purchasing portal for federal agencies to acquire the goods and services needed.

Mobile Communications America, Inc. provides our customers a flexible alternative to standard procurement methodologies through GSA Advantage!. Gately is an authorized GSA contractor with the ability to fulfill orders placed from our authorized online catalog. As an authorized GSA contractor, our services are available to all federal agencies in the continental US and abroad in an Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity Contract format. All purchases are considered to be competitive procurements under the Competition in Contracting Act (CICA) when the GSA Advantage purchase procedures are properly followed.

Under the schedules program, buyers receive "most favored customer pricing," and enjoy shorter acquisition lead-times, lower administrative costs, and reduced inventories. In addition to ensuring competitive price points versus those found on the open market, services can be purchased with reduced administrative burden using the GSA Advantage Online Shopping Service. MCA’s GSA contract also allows for competitive pricing against multiple GSA contractors using the GSA e-Buy Request for Quote (RFQ) tool. Using the RFQ tool, customers can obtain our services using a more standard comparison bidding process when required.



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