Traffic Products

Whether it’s speed awareness, traffic calming, or emergency information, Stalker’s line of Message and Speed Trailers meets the challenges every day for law enforcement agencies, Home Owners Associations, and highway and metropolitan street departments across the United States.


Law Enforcement

Stalker Radar leads the way in speed detection and enforcement. Stalker’s products are the tools of choice of police departments and traffic control professionals throughout the United States and around the world. Over 80,000 Police agencies use Stalker Radar for their traffic enforcement.


Speed Sensors

Stalker’s Speed Sensor is a complete and highly-accurate Doppler Radar in a small, rugged waterproof housing that can measure the speed of a wide variety of objects including baseballs, vehicles, tennis balls, and hockey pucks.


Sports Products

For over 20 years, Stalker Sports Radar guns have been used by baseball professionals around the world because consistent ball speed measurement is the only acceptable result. No other brand delivers the range, accuracy, or consistency of Stalker Sport Radar guns. From the Stalker Sport Series to the Stalker Pro II Series, users at every level of the game rely on Stalker. You can too.


Stalker Manufactures Radar & Lidar Speed Enforcement devices as well as In-Car and Body Worn Video, and Photo Enforcement Products.

Over 30 years ago Stalker introduced its first Law Enforcement Speed Radar. Today, Stalker produces a full line of Doppler police radars ranging from directional, dual-zone Ka-band, to basic K-band. Our dash mount radars are known for their accuracy and range and operate in both opposite direction and same direction modes. Our hand-held speed radars are light and compact and can be used in moving mode for added versatility.
Stalker’s Speed Display and Message Signs are ideal for gathering traffic data, informing motorists, and calming excessive speeds. The lineup of speed boards ranges from a simple digital speed sign to a mobile three-line electronic message board. Our pole-mounted message sign is compact and easily deployed.
Stalker police lasers are known for their acquisition time and accuracy and their ability to track target vehicles despite common obstructions.
Stalker’s in-car video was the first to feature real-time police live video feeds, while our body worn cameras integrate seamlessly with our in-car video networks.
Stalker’s Speed Sensors make reliable, accurate speed measurement components available to OEMs and other manufacturers. Now, Stalker’s speed measurement expertise can be placed in any product without requiring in-house technical development. Stalker Speed Sensors solve many organizations’ speed measuring challenges.
Out of our law enforcement radar line grew our Sports Radar Products. Little did we know that we would revolutionize the baseball scouting industry when we introduced our original Stalker Sport Radar. We’ve continued to innovate, most recently introducing ball spin measurement in our Pro II line. Today, every Major League Baseball team uses our radar.

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