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How To Collect Traffic Data

Long gone are the days when the best way to collect traffic data was by laying a pneumatic tube across a road. Nowadays, radar is one of the most accurate, cost effective, and reliable means of gathering the information your neighborhood or city needs.

Stalker Radar offers a variety of options for collecting traffic data. You can choose a solution that is designed solely for covertly gathering data with our Traffic Data Collector (TDC), or you can do so while providing motorists with valuable feedback in the form of a “speed display sign or a variable messaging trailer.

Most Versatile

The Stalker Radar PMG can be utilized for a wide variety of applications. It can be used as a radar speed sign, as a customizable LED VMS board that can show both still and animated messages, and, when paired with our flood sensor or other device, can be automatically triggered to warn drivers of  water on the roadway, a road closure,  or other hazards. No matter how you utilize your PMG, it will be collecting traffic data the entire time it is powered on. View the PMG. 


Most Powerful

The Message Center 360 (MC360) is our flagship variable message sign. It can be used as a speed trailer, to collect traffic data, or to show a wide variety of pre-programmed messages and animations, or custom program your own message for a special event. It will collect and store traffic data which can be easily downloaded. View the MC360.



Most Inconspicuous

The Stalker Radar TDC is an inconspicuous traffic data collecting unit that is easily mounted to sign posts and utility poles. It operates up to seven days on a single internal battery or can be paired with a small solar panel to operate indefinitely.

It is easy to move your TDC to various locations around your neighborhood or city so you can create a well-rounded data set to make decisions backed by solid data. View the TDC.


How To View Your Traffic Data

Collecting Traffic data is only the first stage to creating safer streets, neighborhoods, and cities. Fortunately, data from all of Stalker’s radar speed signs, variable messaging trailers, and our TDC can be plugged into our Easy Analyst software. Click here to learn more about how this program helps you create informative charts and graphs in just a few clicks.


And these are just some of the options we offer for collecting traffic data. If you would like to speak with a Stalker Radar representative about how we can help you build the most comprehensive traffic safety system for your city, click here. 


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