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Trusted by more law enforcement agencies than all other police radar manufacturers combined, Stalker Radar is your premier source for hand held radar guns, dash-mount radar, police lidar guns, radar speed signs and trailers, and traffic photo enforcement equipment. We also manufacture a line of sports radar products, including the industry-leading Stalker Pro IIs- the baseball radar used by every professional baseball team in America, as well as by many professional teams across the world. 

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6 Ideas To Increase Traffic Safety 

Stalker Radar Lidar RLR

Light weight and laser-focused on creating safer streets

CopTrax Connect Automated Wireless Activation

Event-triggered video so your officers can focus on their jobs

Stalker LidarCam II

Lidar + Video + ALPR/ANPR = the future of policing

Police Radar

Stalker Radar offers a variety of police radars to meet your department’s needs, including dash-mounted radar systems with moving mode so you can monitor speeding traffic while navigating your city streets and our durable waterproof police radar gun that can be used in a patrol vehicle or on a motorcycle.

Police Lidar

Looking for pinpoint accuracy, anti-jamming technology, and technology that works even in rain, snow, blowing dust, and fog? Stalker’s hand-held police lidar guns are the smallest and lightest in the industry, and are designed with the same ruggedness and durability that our radar guns are famous for.

Radar Speed Signs and Speed Trailers

Our pole- and trailer-mounted signs allow cities, schools, police departments, and HOAs to provide clear messaging to drivers while collecting the data you need to make your streets and neighbourhoods safer.

speeding tickets issued in the US each year

of drivers get a speeding ticket each year

of all traffic fatalities caused by speeding

year the first speeding ticket was issued

Police Dash Cam and Body Camera Systems

Having video evidence of interactions between citizens and police officers is more important now than ever. Our innovative CopTrax Connect system can be programmed to automatically start recording both body worn and dash-mounted cameras so your officers can focus on what is actually important in the moment.

Photo Enforcement

Coupled with 3D tracking radar, wireless data transmission, ALPR/ANPR, and up to 1TB of data storage, our hand-held LidarCam II and Phodar SE-1.2 systems capture photo and video evidence to support your traffic speed enforcement efforts.

speeding-related traffic fatalities that happen on non-Interstate roadways

first automated speed-limit enforcement program implemented in the US

fastest recorded pitch in MLB history

fastest recorded baseball spin rate (Garret Richards)


Radar isn’t just for law enforcement! Our Stalker Pro IIs baseball radar gun is used by every single MLB team in the US. It is also used by professional and college teams and elite athletes playing a variety of sports around the world. Our full line of sports radar guns includes an option perfect for nearly every sport and budget.

Speed Sensors

If your company needs to measure speed in any way, our line of OEM radar sensors will give you the data you need. We can measure water speed, tank levels, railway hump yard speeds, manufacturing rates… even lava flow speed!

Stalker Radar was founded

Our first radar

Dual in-car radar launches

First Stalker Lidar

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