Stalker Radar DUAL dash-mount police radar from Applied Concepts - The industry standard for moving police radar.

The Stalker DUAL

The industry standard for moving Police radar with the
best range and performance available - now including
automatic same direction operation.
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Product Features:

• Industry Leading Performance
• Automatic Same Direction Tracking
• Intelligent Fastest Speed Tracking
• Available with 1 or 2 Antennas
• 3 Window Multicolored LED Display
• Read-Thru Lock
• Cordless Infrared Remote
• Compensated True Audio Doppler
• Digital Antenna Communications
• Narrow Beam Width
• Waterproof Ka Band Antenna
• Small Detachable Display Unit
• Software Upgradeable
• Interfaces with Cameras & Computers
• 3 Year Full Warranty

Optional Motorcycle Kit
(Includes Waterproof Switch Display, Sealed Remote Control, Waterproof Cable Connections, and Special Mounting Hardware)

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The Stalker DUAL

Stalker DUAL display faceStalker DUAL remoteStalker DUAL rear image
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The longest range in moving police radar now includes automatic same direction operation.
The Stalker DUAL SL sets the standard in the industry for range and performance. The best performance means accurate monitoring at greater distances, which results in superior tracking history and better target identification.
3 Window Fastest Speed Tracking
Stalker’s patented Faster Speed Tracking assists the operator in making proper target identification by displaying both the Strongest and highest speed targets simultaneously on separate, multi-color display windows.

Automatic Same direction Operation
With direction sensing capabilities, the Dual SL is able to automatically determine if vehicles in the same direction are closing or going away from the radar. This allows the Dual SL to automatically measure same-direction traffic speeds as simply and accurately as it does opposite-direction traffic.

True Doppler Audio
The Stalker DUAL SL compensates for patrol speed variations when generating the Doppler audio. Since the audio tones do not vary with patrol speed, the operator learns to correlate this true Doppler audio with target speed, which eliminates the need to constantly watch the display to determine target speed.

Cordless Ergonomic Remote
The Infrared cordless remote moves all controls into the palm of the operator’s hand. After experiencing the convenience and ergonomic sensibility of the Stalker Omnidirectional and backlit cordless remote, no operator will ever want to return to corded or faceplate controls.

Detachable Display Unit
The tiny display module can be easily separated from the counting unit using an optional cable. This allows for nearly limitless installation options.

Serial Port
The serial RS-232 port can interface with most video cameras, computers, remote readouts, printers, etc. The port interface eliminates the need to route additional cables to the display/counting unit.

Optional Waterproof ComponentsStalker Waterproof components
The Stalker’s Dual SL shares the optional waterproof motorcycle components with the Stalker 2X. Durable, accurate products for continuous duty in the worst conditions.
The Most Sophisticated Ka Band Antenna
Twin Balanced Mixers
The extremely sophisticated Ka band antennas use two mixer diodes (every other radar available uses just one diode). By averaging the Doppler signal from two diodes, the ending signal is much cleaner (less static or noise). The reduced signal noise increases sensitivity and allows the radar to achieve much longer range.

Stalker Ka-band antennaPatented Digital Antenna Communication
The Stalker DUAL SL achieves longer range by digitizing the Doppler audio signal at the antenna and using a high speed bi-direction communication link to transmit data between the antenna and the counting unit. Other two-piece radar units (even DSP radar units) send a low level Doppler audio signal from the antenna to the counting unit for processing and speed display. This method is susceptible to noise induced by the auto ignition and 2-way radio transmissions, which result in reduced range and increased potential for false signals.

O-Ring Sealed Waterproof Design
The completely waterproof Ka band antenna features O-ring seals and connectors. The antenna can be exterior mounted with no reliability concerns.

Narrow Beam Width
The narrow antenna beam-width of 12 degrees improves target discrimination.

Four-Direction Speed Monitoring
With two antennas, the Stalker DUAL SL’s moving mode can track vehicles in four directions:
• In front of the Patrol moving the same direction
• In front of the Patrol approaching in the opposite direction
• Behind the Patrol moving in the same direction
• Behind the Patrol receding in the opposite direction

Type: Dual Antenna Moving/Stationary Doppler Radar
Operating Frequency: 33.4 GHz - 36.0 Ghz (Ka-Band)
Stability: ±100 Mhz (Ka-band)

Power Requirements:

(With 2 Antenna)
9.0 to 16.0 VDC. (currents are typical at 12VDC)
XMIT with all displays on: 1.3A (Ka)
XMIT with all displays off: 1.1A (Ka)
XMIT with moving target: 1.3A (Ka)
XMIT with no target: 1.2A (Ka)
Standby with no target: .7A (Ka)
Environmental: -30 to +70 C, 90% Relative Humidity Operating
-40 to +85 C, non-operating
Display: Triple 3-digit Light Emitting Diode (LED) for target, lock, and patrol, plus LED icons
Mechanical: Display Unit       Wt. - 0.5 lb.
1.65" Height, 1.05" Depth, and 5.50" Width
  Counting unit     Wt. - 1.6 lbs.
1.65" Height, 3.90" Depth, and 5.50" Width
  Antenna             Wt. - 1.4 lbs. (Ka)
2.50" Dia. X 4.60" (Ka)
  Remote               Weight - 0.4 lb.
.80" Height, 6.50" Length, and 2.70" Width
Accuracy: +1, -2 mph stationary, ±2 mph moving
+1.6 km/h, –3.2 km/h stationary, ±3.2 km/h moving
Automatic Self-Test: Performed every 10 minutes while transmitting
Stationary Speed Range: 12 mph to 200 mph Standard
2 mph to 200 mph (set-up menu selectable)
Moving Speed Range: Patrol speed - Selectable with P.S. 5/20 key:
5 in patrol window for acquisition of 5 to 90 mph
20 in patrol window for acquisition of 20 to 90 mph
Patrol speed, once locked, will track to 150 mph
Same direction patrol speed must be greater than 15 mph
  Opposite direction target speed - 200 mph Max closing
For 5 mph patrol speed:  20 mph to 195 mph
For 70 mph patrol speed:  35 mph to 130 mph.
  Same direction target speed - Related to patrol speed:
±70% of patrol speed to within 5 mph of patrol speed
i.e. For 50 mph: 15 ® 44 mph and 55 ® 85 mph
Fastest Speed - Same speed range as opposite direction speed

Stalker DUAL brochure
Download the Stalker Dual brochure in PDF format

Stalker Fastest Window brochure
Download the "Why use a dedicated Fastest Window?" brochure

Stalker DUAL specifications

Download the complete Stalker DUAL Specifications Sheet

Including Microwave Specifications, Display Messages,
and Remote Control Functions

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Additional Information
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• Recommended Bid Specifications (Word Document)

• Factory Owner's Manual

• VSS Installation Manual

• Florida Certificate of Approval - Dual


Using your Stalker DUAL Video

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Installing your Stalker DUAL Video

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