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Stalker LidarCam XLR

Laser Accurate. Photo Positive Speed Enforcement.
  • Laser accuracy, Stalker quality

  • Field software runs on Windows-based
    laptop or tablet

  • Single USB connection
  • Long Range - LidarCam XLR

Still & Video Violation Capture

The Stalker LidarCam XLR is based around the industry leading Stalker X-Series LIDAR. Combined with a high resolution digital camera, the LidarCam XLR becomes the ideal tool for capturing still violation evidence.

Simply aim and shoot. When the officer pulls the trigger to clock a speeder, data evidence - vehicle speed, distance from the LIDAR, and images of the vehicle, number plate, and driver – is sent to a Windows tablet or laptop.



The all new Stalker X-Series LIDAR Show larger view of Stalker LidarCam

The new X-Series Display and KeypadThe Small and Lightweight X-Series LIDARThe Stalker X-Series LIDAR powerful optics
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Small. Light. Powerful. Stalker.

Laser accurate - officer witnessed - violation capture





Pinpoint Target Acquisition

The Stalker LidarCam XLR is built around Stalker’s industry standard X-Series Lidar. Known for its dependability and accuracy, the X-Series is already proven technology and the perfect platform for “point-and-shoot”, cameraaided speed enforcement.

  • Images and data stored on external, customer provided, PC or tablet

  • Camera range of 23 - 122+ meters (75’ - 400+’) for American plates, 226+ meters (750+ feet) for European plates

  • XLR LIDAR range of 1219 meters (4000’)

  • LidarCam XLR can be set for 1 to 5 photos when a target exceeds the operator-set speed threshold

  • Fast acquisition time

  • Industry leading range and accuracy

  • Removable, high-capacity Li-Ion rechargeable battery handle

  • Ergonomic IP65 design

  • Speed and distance in Heads-Up Display

Roadside Laptop and Tablet Portability

LidarCam XLR connects to the USB port of a PC, or tablet (not supplied).

LidarCam XLR operates from the rechargeable battery handle or an external battery for longer on-scene operation.


Violation Capture

The Stalker LidarCam XLR is driven by powerful violtion capture software.

Violation Capture Software

The violation capture software allows simple setup and operation by the field officer. It provides the location, direction of travel, date, time, and speed along with an image of the violator.



Speed Measurement Component
Weight: 1.77 kg (3.9 lbs.)
Size: 23.9cm H x 17.3cm L x 10.7cm W (9.4” x 6.8” x 4.2”)
Construction: Metal camera body, high Impact Resistant polymer housing to LIDAR
Power Supply: Battery Handle: 6.4V to 9.0V @ 400 ma. Nominal
Cigarette Cable: 6.4V to 16.0V @ 400ma. Nominal
Low voltage inhibit activates between 6.4V and 6.8V
Acquisition time: 0.33 second
Speed Accuracy: +2.0 km/h, –2.0 km/h (+1 mph, –1 mph; +0.86, -0.86 knots)
Range Accuracy: +/- 15 cm (6 inches)
Nominal Lidar Range: Minimum < 1.5 meters (5 feet)
XLR - Maximum 1219 meters (4000 feet)
Temperature Range: -30° to +60° C, operating -40° to +85° C, non-operating
Data Output: USB 2.0
Humidity Protection: +37° C, 90% Relative Humidity, 8 hours minimum, operating
Certification card: Included
Operator Manual: Included

Camera Component
Communications: USB 2.0
Housing: Aluminum
Effective operating range: American plates – 75 to 400+ feet
European plates – 750+ feet.
Sensor: CMOS

Tablet Storage
Storage Device (minimum) H-P Pavilion X2 or equivalent


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