Stalker Traffic Enforcement and Speed Measurement Radars, Lidars, Radar Speed Trailers and Speed Signs are the Choice of Law Enforcement Professionals Worldwide.

Stalker Radar is trusted by more state police agencies than all other radar brands combined. Our radar guns, dash-mount radar systems, hand-held radar and lidar units, body cams, traffic signage, and photo and video evidence capture systems pair together to seamlessly create a traffic enforcement system that keeps your streets safe.

More than just Police Radar.

What started over 30 years ago with the Stalker ATR traffic radar has grown into the industry’s widest range of traffic enforcement solutions. Our police radar line has expanded to 4 dash-mount and 2 hand-held radar guns, and our police laser line now includes 3 LIDAR gun options. Whether you patrol wide-open interstate highways or a dense city core, Stalker has the ideal police laser or radar for you.

We offer speed and variable-messaging trailers in a variety of sizes to meet your traffic safety needs. Our CopTrax in-car video and body cameras seamlessly work together to preserve evidence that can save both lives and careers. And our next generation of photo enforcement products make our streets and highways safer for all.

If you are looking for a dash mounted radar that is dependable, flexible, and accurate, we have 4 car radar options to choose from. Several of them, including our newest ka-band radar, the DSR 2X, can also be used on motorcycles.

Our Stalker II radar speed gun is versatile enough to function as a dash-mounted, tripod-mounted, or hand-held unit. Available in either moving- or stationary-directional versions, this hand-held radar gun will service your entire fleet for years to come.  

All of our durable lidar traffic enforcement units eliminate interference from things like trees and fences. Important features, like school zone and construction zone modes, come standard on all models. 

Stalker Radar’s hand-held photo-lidar system, the LidarCam II, makes capturing photo evidence on-the-go fast and easy.

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