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  • Introducing the new CopTrax Model S Body-Worn Camera
  • Introducing the new CopTrax Model S Body-Worn Camera
  • The new Stalker Compact Radar Display and Remote Go to the motorcycle page for more information
  • See the new Stalker Lidar RLR Go to the all new Stalker Lidar RLR Web page

Stalker law enforcement dash-mount radar are chosen by more highway patrols and discriminating police departments
than any other brand. Stalker leads the industry in loyalty and technology.

Stalker 2X
Stalker 2X
Two full direction-sensing radar in one compact unit.
Now featuring DUAL ZONE Technology. >>MORE
Stalker DSR
Stalker DSR
Highly accurate and effective direction-sensing radar. Same lane tracking operation - simple, accurate, and automatic.
Stalker DUAL SL
Stalker DUAL
The industry standard for moving police radar with the best range and performance Now including automatic same direction operation. >>MORE
Stalker PATROL
The New Stalker PATROL
Stalker quality at an affordable price. LCD display, and USB antenna connections. >>MORE

Stalker hand-held radar has been the industry standard for over 20 years. Our new LIDAR continue with this tradition.

The New Stalker LIDAR LR Stalker LIDAR RLR

Introducing the all new Stalker Lidar RLR! IP67 water and dust proof, new intuitive full character LCD display.
The Stalker New X-Series LIDAR X-Series LIDAR

Small, lightweight and powerful. The smallest and lightest (gun-type) on the market today.

Stalker XLR - Long Range
Stalker XS - Standard Range >>MORE
Stalker II hand-held radarStalker II

Range and performance of a dash-mount in a direction-sensing hand-held unit.

Stalker II MDR-Moving Directional
Stalker II SDR-Stationary Directional >>MORE

Highly effective and versatile Stalker Speed/Message trailers provide traffic calming duties, while gathering valuable traffic statistics to support Grant requests and community policing.
All Stalker trailer products combine advanced technology with heavy duty trailer platforms.

The Stalker Speed Awareness Monitor (SAM) SAM

Speed Awareness Monitor
Includes Stalker K-Band Doppler Radar, highly visible LED characters, deep cycle batteries, plus plus optional programmable LED violator alert. Options include solar panels and Integrated Statistical Package.
The Stalker Message Center 360 Message Center 360

Mast-mounted Variable Message Signs. Provides traffic message while gathering valuable traffic data. 2 models to choose from - 3'x6' - NEW, and 4' x 8'. Rotating mast for easy setup and travel.
The Stalker Speed Awareness Monitor (SAM) SAM-R

Stalker's Rotatable Speed Alert Monitor with new Speed Limit panel. Includes Stalker K-Band Radar, highly visible LED characters, plus optional programmable LED violator alert.
The new Stalker Traffic Data Collector Traffic Data Collector

Collect and analyze valuable traffic data to support Grant applications and community policing with set-it-and-forget-it efficiency.

Includes new Stalker Traffic Analyst software. >>MORE
The All New Stalker Pole Mounted Display Pole Mounted Display

Stalker Pole Mounted Display (PMD)
features a 2- or 2½-digit radar speed display in a versatile, all-weather package. Plus, an optional Traffic Statistics collection application.
The All New Stalker Pole Mounted Display Pole Mounted Message Display

Stalker Pole Mounted Message Display (PMMD)
adds messaging to the Pole Mounted Display. It features (3) preconfigured messages plus the ability of custom text, powerful LEDs and Traffic Statistics collection.

All over the world, Stalker Radar products set the standard for speed measurement and high quality products. We are consistently in the forefront of technology and innovation. Professionals who demand the best, demand Stalker.

The Stalker LidarCam Stalker LidarCam

The new Stalker LidarCam is based around the industry leading Stalker X-Series LIDAR. Combined with a high-resolution digital camera, the LidarCam becomes the ideal tool for capturing still or video violation evidence.. >>MORE
ISO 9001:2015
As a leader in the design, development, sale,
and distribution of speed radar equipment,
Applied Concepts, Inc. is proud to be registered as a
certified Quality Management System.

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