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Now FeaturingStalker 2X Dual Zone Technology
You asked for it: the 2X now shows up to 4 front (or rear) targets in 4 windows.
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Stalker DSR 2X -
Advanced Police Radar

The Stalker DSR 2X is actually two independent radar units operating on a single, 5-window, multi-color display

• New Dual Zone Mode
• Direction Sensing Technology
• Automatic Same-Direction Tracking
• Stationary Direction Control
(Closing, going away, or both)
• Strongest & Faster Targets Displayed
• Rear Traffic Warning Feature for Safety
• Read-Thru Lock
• Cordless Infrared Remote
• Compensated True Audio Doppler
• Digital Antenna Communications
• Narrow Beam Width Waterproof
Ka-Band Antenna
• Small Detachable Display Unit
• Software Upgradeable
• Interfaces with Cameras & Computers
• 3 Year Full Warranty

Optional Motorcycle Kit
(Includes Waterproof Switch Display, Sealed Remote Control, Waterproof Cable Connections, and Special Mounting Hardware)

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The Stalker 2X

Stalker 2X display faceStalker 2X remotesStalker 2X rear image
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All 4 Target Zones Stationary; Any 2 Target Zones Moving
The Most Sophisticated
Ka-Band Antennas
Stalker Digital Antenna

Faster Target Acquisition and More Dynamic Range

WATERPROOF Ka-Band Antenna

The Stalker 2X uses O-ring sealed, Ka-Band antennas. These compact, completely waterproof antennas include locking connectors and can be exterior mounted with no environmental concerns.

Patented, RFI Immune Digital Antennas
The Stalker 2X achieves the industry?s longest range by digitizing the Doppler audio signal at the antenna and using a high-speed digital communication link to transmit data between the antenna and the counting unit.

Traditional two-piece radar units send a low-level Doppler audio signal from the antenna to the counting unit for processing and speed display. This method is susceptible to noise induced by the auto ignition and 2-way radio transmissions, which results in reduced range and increased potential for false targets.

By using digital antenna signaling, we?ve virtually eliminated false signals and improved the range of our products.

2X Zone diagram
Stalker 2X ZonesConventional moving radar can only monitor traffic in one Target Zone. With the Stalker 2X, two moving Target Zones or all four stationary Target Zones can be monitored simultaneously. Stalker 2X is actually two independent radar units operating on a single 5-window display.

The Dual Zone capability of the Stalker 2X distinguishes it from competitors moving radars: only the 2X can monitor two zones from a single antenna. With the 2X, an operator can simultaneously monitor front same and front opposite or rear opposite and rear same Target Zones. No other police speed enforcement radar on the market has this feature.

In default moving mode, any combination of one front and one rear Target Zones can be monitored, for example front opposite lane and rear same direction. In Dual Zone moving or stationary mode, both target zones on a single front or rear antenna can be monitored. In default stationary mode, one up to four Target Zones can be simultaneously monitored.

True Doppler Audio
The audio Doppler tone in opposite-direction operation is generated from the target’s actual speed (not closure speed) so the tone always correlates directly to the target’s speed – regardless of patrol speed.

Vehicle Speed Sensing (VSS) Operation Is Standard
Connecting the radar to power and VSS has never been simpler. Plug the Stalker CAN/VSS cable into the car’s OBD II diagnostic port located under the dash on the driver’s side, and you’re done. No cables to splice, wire harnesses to find, just simple plug-n-play.

Rear Traffic Alert
Rear Traffic Alert, a proprietary feature of the 2X, is designed to warn the patrol officer of rapidly overtaking same-direction traffic when the patrol vehicle is most vulnerable to rear-end collisions – pulling into traffic from a standing start. If the 2X senses a rapidly approaching vehicle within adjustable speed parameters, it warns the officer with a distinctive alert tone. Rear Traffic Alert is a patent pending Stalker technology.

Read-Thru Lock, With Multi-Colored LEDs
The Stalker 2X allows tracking patrol speed after lock and utilizes three colors (amber, red, and green) to differentiate between the strongest, faster, and patrol speeds.
Stalker 2X removeable display

Small Counting Unit with
Removable Display

The display / counting unit is compact enough to be mounted almost anywhere. It measures a mere 5.5” wide x 4.25” deep and only 1.75” tall. Moreover, the display / counting unit can easily be separated and be mounted independently. The display alone is only 1.125” deep.

Serial PortStalker 2X Serial port
The serial RS-232 port can interface with most video cameras, computers, remote readouts, printers, etc. The port interface eliminates the need to route additional cables to the display/counting unit. (Optional cable required)

“Faster” Target Locking Is Another STALKER First
Now, an operator has a choice of locking the faster target or stronger target in any Target Zone, including same-direction faster targets.

Dramatically Simplifies Moving “Same-Direction” Operation While Automatically Ensuring Accuracy
With direction sensing antennas, the Stalker 2X is able to automatically determine if same-direction vehicles are closing or going away from the radar. This allows the 2X to automatically measure same-direction traffic speeds as simply and accurately as it does with opposite-direction traffic. No longer does the operator need to tell the radar if same-direction traffic is faster or slower than the patrol vehicle. The Stalker 2X makes same-direction operation simple, accurate, and automatic. Plus, Stalker Radar?s new Dual Zone technology takes full advantage of the Stalker 2X antennas? direction-sensing ability as well as fully utilizing the radar?s display to present speed data simultaneously on up to four targets.

A Giant Leap in the Effectiveness of Stationary Operation
Optional Waterproof Components
The Stalker?s 2X waterproof components are durable, accurate products for continuous duty in the worst conditions. A full selection of brackets, mounts and cables are available. Waterproof components


Download a Motorcycle Components Brochure

The direction sensing ability of the Stalker 2X allows the operator to select a specific direction of traffic to monitor. The 2X can measure closing targets while automatically ignoring vehicles that are going away–even if the target moving away is closer than a distant closing target.

Imagine the typical situation where you wish to measure closing vehicles at a lengthy distance on a two-lane road. Just when a distant car enters the picture, a truck passes by your location heading away from you (and towards the approaching car) A conventional radar would display the truck’s speed until it is out of the area–and you could not measure the closing car’s speed. The 2X is able to completely ignore the truck because it is traveling away from the radar, thereby being able to clock the closing vehicle–even though it is still distant. The Stalker 2X makes stationary operation very useful and highly effective in all locations.

Provides Voice Verification of the Antenna, Radar Mode, and Direction
Whenever a target is locked, the Stalker 2X audibly tells the operator WHICH antenna is in use (front or rear), what MODE the radar is operating in (moving or stationary), and the DIRECTION (opposite or same direction) the vehicle is traveling. This added step assists the operator in ensuring accuracy every time.

Quick Search for Cables or Mounts

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CABLES: Power and CAN/VSS cables are Stalker radar unit and vehicle model and year specific.

MOUNTS: Determine the correct brackets and mounts for both motorcycle and vehicle.



Your Choice of Two Full-Function Remote Controls

The Stalker 2X uses automation to reduce officer distraction caused by remote control use. Set-and-Forget Operation: Just select the two Target Zones you want to monitor and put the remote down. You simultaneously monitor four targets (strongest and faster in each zone) without touching the remote.

Strong target locking and Faster target locking in all Target Zones is standard with the Fast-Lock Remote, while Strong target locking is standard with the Instant-On Remote.

Other remote control features include tactile feedback keys, an ergonomically contoured body, amber backlit keys for night use, and omni-directional infrared operation that eliminates the need to point the remote.

Fast-Lock Remote
This remote is designed for departments that require Fast Lock operation and normally operate in constant transmit mode.

Instant-On Remote
This remote is designed for departments that do not require Fast Lock operation but routinely use the “instant-on” feature. A dedicated XMIT/HOLD key provides instant transmitter ON/OFF operation.

Stalker 2X remotes


Stalker DUAL brochure
Download the Stalker 2X brochure in PDF format


Download the complete Stalker 2X Specifications Sheet

Including Microwave Specifications, Display Messages,
and Remote Control Functions

REACT Application Downloads


Additional Information
(Call for a Password to Access These Documents)

Recommended Bid Specifications

• Factory Owner's Manual

• VSS Installation Manual

• Florida Certificate of Approval - Stalker 2X  
Using your Stalker 2X Video

Stalker 2X
from Applied Concepts on Vimeo.
Installing your Stalker 2X Video

from Applied Concepts on Vimeo.




May 18, 2011 - Stalker Radar's new Dual Zone mode allows the officer to simultaneously monitor the speeds of ALL targets in the direction he is looking (either front or rear).

PLANO, Texas, May 18, 2011 ? The addition of Dual Zone mode (simultaneous opposite zone and same lane zone), on a single antenna, presents the officer with a clearer picture of traffic speeds leading to better speed enforcement. The new Dual Zone feature is available exclusively on Stalker?s top of the line Stalker 2X traffic radar.

Stalker Radar's new Dual Zone technology takes full advantage of the Stalker 2X antennas' direction-sensing ability as well as fully utilizing the radar's display to present speed data on up to four targets simultaneously, four targets with the front antenna or four targets with the rear antenna.

The 2X Dual Zone's capability distinguishes it from competitors' moving radars: the 2X can monitor two zones from a single antenna. With the 2X, an operator can simultaneously monitor front same and front opposite or rear opposite and rear same Target Zones. No other police speed enforcement radar on the market has this patent-pending feature.

Sound complicated? It really isn't. Once you drive it you'll see how intuitive the controls are and how the 2X's automatic functions allow the operator to drive the patrol vehicle, rather than manipulate the radar.

Think of the Stalker 2X as two independent radar units operating through a single, 5-window display. Conventional moving radars can only monitor two vehicles in one Target Zone. The Stalker 2X can monitor four vehicles in one or two Target Zones. The 2X's 5-window display contains two strongest target windows, two faster target windows, and a single patrol speed window. One Target Zone is displayed in each set of strongest/faster windows. Any combination of one front and one rear Target Zones can be monitored, for example front opposite direction and rear same direction.

In Dual Zone mode, one antenna can simultaneously monitor targets in both target zones in its radar beam. All other radar monitor only one target zone at a time.

When in stationary mode, all four Target Zones can be simultaneously monitored. Dual Zone Mode is also available while stationary, the chief advantage being that each of the two Target Zones uses a separate set of strongest/faster windows.

Stalker's 2X traffic speed enforcement radar sets the standard for enforcement versatility and user-friendly technology.

The Stalker 2X's ergonomic remote control allows the operator full control of the radar without having to manipulate display panel controls. Its true Doppler tone reflects the target speed rather than patrol vehicle's speed. Operators learn to judge target speed from the Doppler tone without diverting attention from the roadway ahead. And when a target is locked, the 2X voice enunciator confirms: 1) the target's position relative to the patrol vehicle, 2) whether the radar is in stationary or moving mode, and 3) the target's direction relative to the patrol vehicle. For example, "Front, stationary, closing."

Stalker Radar is the World Leader in Speed Measurement. Law enforcement organizations, professional sports teams, and manufacturers around the globe requiring state of the art speed measurement applications look to Stalker Radar products for the utmost in quality and value.

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