Stalker Radar In-Car Display/Counting Unit and Antenna Mounts, Brackets, and Components.

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In-Car Display/Counting Unit and Antenna Mounts, Brackets, and Components

Stalker has designed a mount or bracket for nearly
any type of patrol vehicle as well as for many
special applications.

How to choose radar

Stalker mounts and brackets are built for a service life as long as the vehicle. Plus, they are designed specifically for Stalker radars and antennas so you're guaranteed a perfect fit. Connect your antennas with Stalker's waterproof cables ranging from 2 feet to 25 feet in length.

Stalker's Suction Cup Mounts provide a stable mounting platform in nearly any vehicle. Plus, they can easily be released and moved to another vehicle with minimum effort. Stalker's specialty mounts - child safety restraint, headliner antenna, side window, combo spotlight, and others - are all designed to overcome the most challenging installations.

  • Largest Selection in the Industry
  • Antenna Mounts
  • Display/Counting Unit Mounts
  • Combination Mounts
  • Stalker Durability & Quality

The new Stalker 2012 Chevrolet Caprice PPV mount

Sunction cup-dash antenna mount2012 Dodge Charger MountSuction Cup Combo mount
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