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Stalker Message Center 360
Mast-Mounted Variable Message Sign

Rotates 360 degrees - Innovative design allows mast to raise, lower, pivot, and lock for easier towing, setup and positioning.

Now 2 models to choose from:

  • 3' x 6' display panel
  • 4' x 8' display panel

Highly efficient travel configuration
300+ customized messages
LED characters - legible at up to 850 ft.
(4) 6V Deep-Cycle batteries
Optional top-mount solar panels

Optional Stalker Traffic Data Analysis - NEW

Optional Remote Access for Message Center 360 - NEW
Update messages, download data, and view battery voltage reports, all from a desktop or mobile phone without the need to send officers to the location.

The Stalker Message Center 360

Optional Solar PanelsOn-board computer with full keyboard4D Deep Cycle Batteries
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Remote Access for your Message Center 360

Developed specifically for law enforcement agencies, the Shield Communications Plan gives users cellular access capabilities, including downloading radar data. The message board’s functionality is controlled from a desktop or mobile phone without the need to send officers to the location. This time-saving option is now available with all new Stalker MC360 variable message signs.

Powerful Remote Features

• Change message or graphics on one board, or a group of boards simultaneously

• View minute-by-minute battery voltage reports

• Set schedules and alerts

• Dual radar modes:
• Speed Enforcement Mode
• Data Collection Mode

• Retrieve and download traffic data

• Store messages and graphics in a common library

• Set Geofencing

More info>>

Full Matrix LED Display

Energy-efficient LED display provides legibility at up to 850 feet for greater motorist compliance and safety, and a 10-year average operational life to reduce maintenance time and expense.

On-board computer

On-Board Dedicated Computer

A NTCIP compliant, 365-day calendar is controlled by a dedicated on-board computer. A full-size, onboard keyboard expedites setup with secure password protection. Plus, 250 text, 60 graphic, and 20 arrow board display messages can be preprogrammed and stored in the controller. Additionally, 100 user-created messages can be programmed and stored.

Deep cycle batteries

Deep-Cycle Batteries

(4) 6-volt deep-cycle batteries provide up to 21 days of continuous operation yielding longer operational time between battery charges.

Graffiti-Resistant Powdercoat

The trailers are powder coated with a heavy zinc primer for improved resistance to graffiti and the elements, while its all-steel construction provides a sturdy platform and reduces damage sustained in the field.

4 Stabilizing / Leveling Jacks

Leveling jacks with slide-out extensions provide enhanced stability and fold up and away for travel.


Solar OptionTop-mounted solar panels

Solar Panels
Top-mounted solar panels recharge a day’s worth of battery use with only 4 hours of bright sunlight allowing for nearly “infinite” field operation.

Integrated Traffic Statistics - Stalker Traffic Analyst
When added to the MC360, the statistical package gathers valuable traffic data for improved grant writing support and verification of the sign’s impact on traffic speeds. More info>>

Automated License Plate Recognition
The MC360 trailers may be outfitted in an ALPR-ready configuration.

Electric Winch
An electric winch is available to raise and lower the display panel with the push of a button.

TRAILER 4' x 8' Model 3' X 6' Model
Width 68” (1.3m) 68” (1.3m)
Length 107” (2.72m) with tongue
55” (1.4m) without tongue
107” (2.72m) with tongue
55” (1.4m) without tongue
Height (raised) - 134” (3.4m)
(travel) - 102” (2.6m)
(raised) - 131” (3.3m)
(travel) - 99” (2.5 m)
Weight 850 lbs. (385.5kg) 850 lbs. (385.5kg)
Tongue Weight 75 lbs. (34kg) 75 lbs. (34kg)
Main Frame 11 ga. formed steel tubing - 2” x 3” x .120 11 ga. formed steel tubing - 2” x 3” x .120
Lift Mechanism 1500 lb. Anti-reversing lift system 1500 lb. Anti-reversing lift system

SIGN DISPLAY 4' x 8' Model 3' X 6' Model
Height 48” (1.22 m) 44” (091 m)
Width 96” (2.43 m) 77” (1.83 m)
Character Height 12” (30cm) / 18” (46cm)
(up to 4 lines)
8" (20.32 cm) - 37" (93.98 cm)
(up to 4 lines)
Lamp 30° amber LED 30° amber LED
Legibility up to 850 ft. (260 m) up to 850 ft. (260 m)
Full Matrix Pixels 25 rows / 48 columns 28 rows / 48 columns
Illumination Active LED (4 per pixel) Active LED (4 per pixel)
Viewing Area 44” x 84” (1.11 m x 2.13 m) 36” x 63” (.91 m x 1.6 m)

Battery Bank (4) 6-volt deep-cycle batteries
Autonomy 21 days @ 78°F (25°C)
Solar 140 watt Solar Panel Array
Recovery Rate 4 hours of sun per 1 day power requirement

RADAR - Stalker Stationary Speed Sensor II
Detection Distance Up to 1200 ft. (365 m)
Beam Width 30° x 32°
Wheel Jack
Wheel Jack
SKU: 015-1819-00

Price: $102.00

Wheel Lock
Wheel Lock
SKU: 015-5603-00

Price: $232.00




Coupler lock
Coupler Lock
SKU: 015-1436-00

Price: $109.00

Spare Tire
SKU: 015-2328-63

Price: $257.00





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