Flood Sensor

The Stalker Flood Sensor pairs with the PMG to automatically detect high water and alert drivers about unsafe road conditions.

Transform your PMG sign into a proactive life-saving device with the PMG Flood Sensor. Up to three sensors can be mounted up to 1,025 ft. (312 m) away from your PMG, and, when water levels rise to the center of the sensor, an alert will be displayed on your PMG to notify drivers with messages such as “FLOOD AREA,” “HIGH WATER,” “ROAD CLOSED,” or any other custom message, graphic, or animation you choose.

About The PMG Flood Sensor

Weatherproof Sensor
The Flood Sensor consists of a tamper-proof metal enclosure which houses the fluid sensor. It is designed to be able to be completely submerged in water with no damage.

Real Time Updates
The sensor is wired directly to the PMG sign to receive power. It then sends the high-water signal via the same cable. Up to three sensors can be attached to a single PMG utilizing the optional 3-Port Expander, allowing for progressive levels of alert escalation and de-escalation based on the current water level. Each unit has its own cable and can be located up to 1,025’ (312 m) away from the PMG.

You can connect up to 3 flood sensors in a row to change the message displayed on your PMG based on current water levels
A collection of a variety of messages that the Stalker PMG radar speed sign and messaging sign can display to drivers

More Than Just A Speed Sign

Customize Your Message

Simple to Program
Use the PMG Configuration software to program the messages that will be displayed on your sign as each sensor is individually triggered. Choose between text, graphics, or animations, and, if your PMG is equipped with strobes, set them to flash if desired.

A close up of the configuration software for the Stalker PMG that is setting the parameters of 3 flood sensors

The PMG is programmed with a variety of useful messages or create your own.

A close-up of a PMG screen showing a HIGH WATER message triggered by the flood sensor
A Stalker Flood Sensor has triggered a FLOOD AREA message to be displayed on the PMG screen
A ROAD CLOSED message being displayed on a Stalker PMG messaging sign
A driver has triggered a SLOW DOWN message to appear on the messaging sign
Water levels have risen too high, so the PMG triggered a STOP HERE message to alert drivers not to pass.
A sign showing the second half of a "Seat belts save lives" campaign
The PMG can be triggered to advise drivers of an alternate route if the road ahead is blocked by flood waters
The flood sensor can also be used to close hiking trails, bike paths, or parks due to high water levels

Flood sensor Accessories

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