The Stalker Speed Module

Inertial Navigation-Powered Vehicle Speed Sensing

Can't connect to your vehicle's VSS?


When you are out on patrol monitoring traffic speeds, accuracy is everything. But to have accurate speed readings while your patrol vehicle is in motion, your radar needs to have precise, second-by-second feedback about your vehicle’s speed relative to the targeted vehicle’s.

The best way to acquire this information is via the Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS), either by wiring into the VSS cable directly or by accessing it through the vehicle’s OBD-II port.

Some late-model patrol vehicles are no longer offering access to the VSS.

That’s why Stalker developed the Stalker Speed Module.

The Solution


The Stalker Speed Module is a small plug-and-play device that attaches right to the back of any of your current Stalker radar units- and it is so simple that anyone can do it in under two minutes.

The Module utilizes Stalker’s proprietary Inertial Navigation Technology combined with a Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite receiver to accurately determine vehicle patrol speed. This key technology combination allows the radar unit to maintain precise vehicle speed tracking even in areas where a GPS signal is unavailable (which happens with all GPS receivers from time to time), such as when you are driving around tall buildings, in densely forested areas, while going through tunnels, and during inclement weather. Of course, the Stalker Speed Module supports the very popular Stalker Moving/Stationary auto-switching feature found on all of our dash-mounted moving mode radar units, and can be used on motorcycles as well.

Stalker Radar’s products are renowned for their longevity. We work hard to keep your Stalker radars on the road, even in the face of rapidly changing vehicle technology and evolving National Highway Traffic Safety.

Internal GPS Antenna Model

Designed for use with radar units that are mounted on the dashboard of the patrol vehicle. The GPS component is housed in the Speed Module, and needs to be mounted on the dashboard with a clear view of the sky.


External GPS Antenna Model

Used when the radar unit is mounted under the seat, under the dashboard, or in the console. Included is a 9’ (2.75 m) long cable to connect the Speed Module to the external GPS antenna that will be mounted on the dashboard.



Purchase the speed module(s) online.

Stalker Speed Module with Internal GPS
200-1503-00 $195.00

Designed for use with radar units

Stalker Speed Module with External GPS
200-1503-01 $225.00

Used when the radar unit is

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