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Stalker LIDAR RR

Precision Laser Speed & Distance Measurement
Designed Especially for Railroad Use

Laser speed measurement with a range of 4,000 feet and 0.2 MPH sensitivity make the Stalker LIDAR RR the best choice for railroad applications.

When a major U.S. railroad asked Stalker Engineers for help with rail car speed issues, it was apparent that modification of our existing LIDAR’s controlling firmware was needed. “Speed” in the railroad sense is different from the automobile enforcement sense. What resulted is a speed measurement tool that is accurate to a 0.2 MPH - law enforcement only requires 2.0 MPH accuracy.

Moreover, the LIDAR RR can discriminate between closely spaced individual cars among groups of cars in settings that would be impossible for radar. It’s the ideal tool for loss prevention through speed control in the classification yard.

Typical applications of the Stalker LIDAR RR:

  • In Classification Yards
  • Monitoring Line Speed
  • Railroad Police Duty
  • Speed Restriction Enforcement
Stalker Traffic Control SensorStalker LIDAR RR front and lens view






Features of the Stalker LIDAR RR

  • Monitor retarder exit and coupling speeds
  • Measures distances to within 1/2 foot (0.15 meter)
  • 0.2 MPH speed sensitivity
  • Self Contained - Rechargeable battery operated

Features include:

  • High powered optics
  • Ergonomic, rechargeable battery handle provides better balance, which means less physical stress
  • Integrated battery charger
  • Time Distance Converter (TDC) for improved time/distance measurements
  • Doppler Audio Tracking

Single-Shot and Continuous Tracking Modes
The LIDAR RR can be set in Single-Shot mode where the trigger is pressed and the unit locks on a single speed reading.
Or, the unit can be operated in tracking mode where the trigger is pressed and the unit takes continuous, real-time speed readings.

Doppler-Type Audio Tracking
In some instances, laser operators also operate radar, the LIDAR RR generates a continuous Doppler-type audio tone which correlates to the target speed. Just like the audio on a police radar, this audio is a substantial aid to understanding and building a target tracking history.

The Stalker LIDAR RR is the choice of railroad professionals ...


Dimensions: 9.4” Height, 6.8” Length, 4.2” Width
(23.9 cm Height, 17.3 cm Length, 10.7 cm Width)
Weight: Including Battery Handle - 3.9 lbs (1.77 kg)
Housing: Metal case with rubber end caps
Environmental: -30° to +60° C, operating -40° to +85° C, non-operating
Humidity Protection: +37° C, 90% Relative Humidity
Battery Life: Typically 300 - 330 charge cycles
Battery Charge: Li-ion battery: Approx. 2 - 3 shifts
(6) AA Alkaline batteries: Approx. 2 shifts
(6) AA Rechargeable batteries: Approx. 2 shifts
Type Handheld LIDAR offering Tracking mode, Single-Shot mode, and Time/Distance mode.
Acquisition Time: Less than .4 second
Nominal Range : Minimum <5 feet (1.5 m)
Normal = 2500 feet (762 m) approaching targets
Maximum >4000 feet (1200 m)
Range Accuracy: Less than or equal to 1 foot (.3 m)
Speed Measure: 0.2 mph to 299 mph (0.3 km/h to 481 km/h,
.17 knots to 344 knots)
Speed Accuracy: ±1 mph (±2 km/h, ±0.86 knots)
Time/Dist. trigger mode: Separate trigger depressions when target enters and exits speed zone.
Remote Trigger: Remote trigger signal available through I/O Port.
Target Speed Tone: Variable audio tone corresponding to target speed
Target Return Tone: No tone when beam is off target; tone repetition increases as beam moves into target and return signal quality increases.
Switching Output: I/O Port signal for operation of external devices (e.g. a camera). Toggles when speed exceeds speed signal setting. (special order only)
Operating Wavelength: 905 10 nm Peak @ 25° C
Eye Safety: FDA/CDRH CLASS 1 Laser Device (Eyesafe)
Power Output: 50 uW maximum average power
(385 nJ maximum pulse energy)
(meets FSA/CDRH regulations)
Pulse Width: < 30 nsec.
Beam Divergence: < 3 mrad FWHM.
3 feet x 3 feet @1000 feet (.9 m x .9 m @ 304.8 m)
Spanish LCD Available  


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