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Stalker Stationary Speed Sensor IIStalker Traffic Statistics SensorStalker Traffic Statistics App Stalker 6x26 degree sensors
Stalker Radar has distilled its speed measurement and detection expertise into its Intelligent Technologies suite of Speed Measurement, Transportation and Traffic, Sports, and Surface Velocity sensors. Stalker Radar precision is now available to engineers worldwide to address virtually any speed measurement application.

Stalker Stationary Speed Sensor II

Low Cost.
Low Power Requirement.
High Performance.

NEW-Low Speed Sensor

NEW-Hump Yard Sensor

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Stalker Traffic Statistics Sensor

Measure speed and collect traffic data with low power consumption.

2 New Sensors

MORE>> Stalker Stationary Speed Sensor II

Stalker Traffic
Analyst - NEW

Collect and analyze valuable traffic data in support of Grant applications and community policing, with industry-leading effectiveness.
Stalker Traffic Stats App


Stalker 6° x 26° Sensors

Narrow beam radar tracks
vehicles in a single lane at
up to 400 meters.

Available with or without traffic statistics capabilities.

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