The Stalker II Hand-Held Police Radar Gun Puts the Range and Performance of a Vehicle-Mounted Radar in a Versatile, Portable Package.

The Stalker II hand-held police radar gun is a traffic speed enforcement tool for both in-car or motorcycle. Installed either as a fixed radar using Stalker’s dedicated vehicle or motorcycle mounts, or hand-held and stowed in a locking motorcycle holster, the Stalker II has proven itself to be reliable, accurate, and durable, mile after mile. 

Stalker II

Stalker II MDR - Moving Directional & Stalker II SDR - Stationary Directional, Hand-Held Police Radar Gun

The Stalker II MDR and SDR hand-held police radar gun puts in-vehicle performance and range into a portable hand-held package. Adding Direction Sensing Technology and Moving Mode (in the MDR) places them in a class by themselves. So operators already familiar with Stalker’s dash-mount display layout will be right at home with the Stalker II’s three-speed-window format.

DSP technology enables faster speed tracking and track-thru lock, just like Stalker’s dash-mount radars. They also feature either a new high-capacity detachable battery handle for cordless operation, and an ergonomic remote control option. Plus, the touch keypanel allows fast and positive operation.

A hand-held radar unit must be rugged and durable. That’s why we constructed this radar gun out of die-cast metal. Shift after shift, mile after mile, scan after scan- the Stalker II is the most popular speed gun in the industry for a reason.

And for motor officers, our special motorcycle radar kit with waterproof remote, special cabling, and special mounting hardware makes the Stalker II hand-held police radar an all-weather performer for any road and weather conditions.


Liquid Crystal Display technology provides a high-contrast display in bright sunlight and is backlit for easy nighttime viewing.


Stalker II’s rugged die-cast metal construction is completely waterproof in up to 2 feet of water.


The audio Doppler tone in opposite-direction operation always correlates directly to the target’s speed – regardless of patrol speed.


The Stalker II can receive power through an optional power cable that connects into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter connection.

*Some features may not be available due to state or local requirements.

Stalker Radar removeable battery handle


The Stalker II’s detachable battery handle contains rechargeable, high-capacity Li-Ion batteries. They can be recharged in the gun or through a charger platform.

CORDLESS, INFRARED REMOTE makes operation easy

An infrared cordless remote puts all controls into the palm of the operator’s hand. A wired remote is also available.

DASH MOUNT FEATURES in a hand-held radar gun

Faster-speed tracking, track-thru lock, direction sensing, stronger and faster display in all target modes – all standard.

Type Hand-Held, Direction Sensing Moving/Stationary Doppler Radar

±1 mph (or km/h) stationary
±1 mph (or km/h) moving, when using Vehicle Speed Sensor

±2 mph (or km/h) moving, when Vehicle Speed Sensor is not used

Display Backlit LCD with 3 speed windows
Battery Type Removable/rechargeable sealed battery handle containing a 7.2- Volt Li-Ion battery
Warranty 2 years
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