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Introducing Dewey Gatts, new Stalker Regional Sales Manager for Ohio, West Virginia, western Pennsylvania, and western Maryland

Please join us in welcoming Dewey Gatts as Regional Sales Manager for the Ohio Valley region.

Dewey has over 20 years of sales management and customer service experience in the transportation industry.

A graduate of Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor of Science in business, Dewey is married and is the father of two boys and a girl. He enjoys running, golf, and spending time with family on weekends.

Should you need to contact Dewey immediately, please call him directly at 513-806-0815. Dewey’s e-mail address is

Stalker Radar’s new DSR 2X LCD Display offers superior daytime visibility & nighttime “covert” mode.

RICHARDSON, Texas (Mar. 31) — Better visibility with greater contrast in bright, daylight conditions, as well as dimming down to a nighttime “covert” mode are just some of the features that make the new Stalker Radar DSR 2X LCD Display the new standard for traffic enforcement radar.

No officer retraining is required since the color Liquid Crystal Display presents the same familiar layout and colors of the current 2X LED Display, while more text detail is shown for menu mode settings.

“The 2X LCD Display can be set to one of 6 brightness levels, plus an auto-dimming mode,” according to Steve Hocker, Law Enforcement Product Manager for Stalker Radar. “At its dimmest, the 2X LCD Display isn’t visible outside the patrol vehicle like the older LED-type displays. This covert mode makes it perfect for nighttime enforcement when used inside an unmarked police vehicle.”

“An officer used to operating the DSR 2X will feel right at home with the new LCD Display,” Hocker said. “Strongest, Fastest, and Patrol widows are right where they are in the original LED display. Direction and transmit icons are now located next to their respective front or rear antenna windows, while active antenna icons are logically placed near the fastest windows.”

The 2X LCD Display – which has been tested and approved for the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration’s Conforming Product List – is available on any Stalker DSR 2X new purchase.  All accessories – cables, mounts, sunshades, etc. – are compatible with the new display.

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