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The Stalker SAM-R
Rotatable Speed Alert Monitor

The versatile solution to monitoring traffic and
maintaining road safety - now with attached
Speed Limit sign with changeable numbers.

Product Features:

  • Stalker K-Band Doppler Radar
    Pure Stalker - accurate and durable with greater range, sensitivity and tracking
  • 18" Amber LED Characters
    Legible at up to 1000 ft.
  • Group 27 - 12-Volt Battery
    Provide 8-10 days of continuous operation yielding longer operation time between battery
  • Hand-held controller
    Provides all programming and diagnostic fuctions.
  • Stalker Message Center 360 in travel position
    Travel Position
  • Rotates a full 360 degrees
    Innovative design allows display to pivot and lock for easier towing, setup, and positioning.


The Stalker SAM-R - Rotating Speed Alert Monitor

Optional Solar PanelsDedicated hand-held controllerProgrammable LED Violator Alert
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Full Matrix

Full Matrix, Pulse Width Modulation
At the heart of the Stalker SAM-R is Precision Solar Control’s LED Lamp Matrix and LED Pulse Width Modulation. The LED Lamp Matrix concentrates and focuses the LEDs’ light, allowing the motorist to see the sign at a greater distance and, thus, act on the speed warning quicker.

LED Pulse Width Modulation significantly increases the time between battery charges and powers the LEDs so that they remain at a consistent brightness throughout the battery‘s discharge cycle.

Stalker Traffic Speed Sensor K-Band Doppler Radar
The speed measurement component is pure Stalker - accurate and durable.

Dedicated hand-held controller
This provides complete programming and diagnostic functions. 

Group 27 - 12-volt batteries
Heavy duty marine batteries provide 8 - 10 days of continuous operation yielding longer operational time between battery charges - longer time with second Group 27 battery installed.

Graffiti-resistant paint
The trailer maintains a neat and professional department image, while its all steel construction provides a sturdy platform and reduces damage sustained in the field.

4 Stabilizing / Leveling Supports
Telescoping supports provide enhanced stability and easily slide up and away for travel.

Retractable/removeable tongue
Once positioned, the tongue is removable.
Solar Option



Top-mounted solar panel
The solar panels recharges a day’s worth of battery use with only 2.5 hours of sunlight allowing for “infinite” field operation.

New Stalker Programmable LED Violator Alert

Programmable LED Violator Alert
High powered LED Violator alert flashes to warn motorists when they heve exceeded a pre-set speed. Three different user-programmable settings and a choice of red/blue or white/white LEDs.

Integrated statistical package - Stalker Traffic Analyst - NEW
Easily gather valuable traffic data for improved grant writing support and verification of the sign’s impact on traffic speeds.
Click here for more information

Additonal Group 27 - 12-volt battery
Add extra operating time by installing a second Group 27 battery


Width 68 (1.3m)
Length 110 (2.8m) with tongue in travel position
57.5 (1.5m) without tongue in display position
Height 76 (1.93m) with solar option
Weight 680 lbs. (308 kg)
Main Frame 2 x 4 x .120 Mild Steel Tube

Material Thickness .156" ABS Plastic
Height 36 (.91m)
Width 25.5 (.65m)
Depth 5.25" (.13m)
Legibility up to 1000ft. (305m)
Lexan® Window thickness .125"
Cabinet temperature delta +/- 20°

Battery Bank Group 27 - 12-volt Battery
Autonomy 8 - 10 days @ 78F (25C)

Detection Distance Up to 1/2 mile
Beam Width 12 Circular
Coupler lock
Coupler Lock
SKU: 015-1436-00

Price: $109.00

Wheel Lock
Wheel Lock
SKU: 015-5603-00

Price: $232.00




Spare Tire
SKU: 015-2328-63

Price: $257.00





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