The Spectre Elite from Stalker

The Spectre ELITE
Radar Detector Detector

Next generation technology in radar detector detection





Federal law prohibits drivers of commercial motor vehicles from using radar detectors. In fact, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Regulation 392.71 prohibits these drivers from even possessing a radar detector. Plus, radar detectors are illegal in all vehicles in Washington, D.C., Virginia, and on all U.S. military installations.


Selectable Filter Switch

New Filter

The Spectre ELITE features electronic circuit design enhancements and a new selectable filter switch for easier target acquisition and greater range.

And although many radar detector manufacturers may say that their devices are undetectable, the Spectre ELITE detects hundreds of radar detector models in use all over the U.S. That’s because all radar detectors, including those that feature “cloaking” or “Spectre Alert,” operate - and are detected - in the same way.

The Spectre ELITE detects radar detectors by sensing electromagnetic “leakage” from a component common to every radar detector, the local oscillator. Some manufacturers try to evade detection by suppressing local oscillator leakage with shielding; others try to adjust the leakage to a frequency that the ELITE isn’t designed to detect, while others turn off the local oscillator when they detect the Spectre. In most cases, the ELITE can detect these “stealthy” detectors before they can detect the ELITE and shut down.

Sensitivity adjustment adapts to the environment

Where radar detectors are legal, the Spectre ELITE has the added advantage of automatic signal attenuation and the selectable filter switch. Since the ELITE can detect many radar detectors at nearly 1,000 feet away, this degree of sensitivity and adaptability offers better target identification of spurious signals from leaky detectors in “target-rich” environments – and assists operators in distinguishing among multiple signals.

In Patrol Car
Rotates 360 degrees
and adjusts to
windshield angle

In that situation, the filter reduces sensitivity in frequencies used by inexpensive “high-leakage” detectors while maintaining heightened sensitivity in frequencies used by detectors that are often used by commercial violators. This selectable sensitivity, combined with proper RDD orientation and setup in the patrol vehicle, limits the detection threshold to much closer to the patrol vehicle and allows the officer to “scan” traffic for commercial vehicle offenders.

The Spectre ELITE is about the size of today’s radar detectors and mounts to the windshield of the patrol vehicle. It can be rotated 360 degrees to detect detectors at all angles relative to the vehicle.

Stalker Radar, the world leader in speed measurement, is the exclusive United States distributor.


Speeding truck

• New selectable Filter Switch for better target acquisition in “target rich” environments

• One-touch audio mute button to silence audio alerts and then restore audio volume automatically 5 seconds after the signal is last detected

• Automatic LED dimming for discrete night operation

• A high-volume audible alert

• A temperature compensated front local oscillator for improved accuracy in detecting known radar detector bands

Standard features on all Spectre models:
• Simplicity of operation
• Instantaneous multi-band reception
• Anti-cloaking system (defeats many radar detectors with
Spectre Alert)
• Bargraph proximity display
• Geiger counter style audio alarm
• Small, compact, and light (roughly 1 pound with windshield mount)
• Unique 360-degree mount for easy targeting in all directions.
• Shielded power cable
• FCC/ Industry Canada/ ACMA approved for use in police vehicles


Police equipment features unmatched by any other commercially available RDD:
• Digital RFI/ low volt and voltage spike detection with indicator and auto audio mute
• Digital over temperature sensor with audio mute and
automatic reset
• User adjustable gain control with low gain warning indicator
• Eaton Vorad™ (Vehicle Onboard RADar) compatible
• Compatible with all standard X, K, and Ka-Band police traffic radar systems
• Will not detect satellite radios, and anti-collision systems such as Distronic™ found in the USA, Canada, and Europe

Environmental considerations:
• All Spectre ELITE models are now lead free (RoHS) compliant
• Products are packed and shipped in recycled packaging

• Operating Frequency:
10 GHz - 25 GHz
• Temperature Range:
14° to 176° F (-10° to 80° C)
• Power Requirement:
11.5 - 14.5 VDC
• Current Requirement:
300 - 500 ma
• Weight: 1 lb.
• Sensitivity:
-110 dBm @ 25 GHz typical
• Detects: Most radar detectors
• Dimensions:
6.1” D x 3.5” W x 1.4” H


Download a Spectre Elite RDD brochure