Accessories for the Stalker Pro - Sports Radar Gun from Applied Concepts.

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Stalker Pro Accessories

The Stalker Pro radar gun has been discontinued, however accessories for the Legacy Stalker Pro are still available.


Download the Stalker Pro Owners Manual


Stalker Sport features:

A High Performance Radar

The Stalker SPORT combines a soft touch keypad with advanced digital signal processing and a powerful microwave system to create the world's leading high performance sports radar.

Accurate to 1/10th MPH in Vehicle/Boat mode
For user control, the Sport features a 7-button, soft-touch keypad which provides simple access to its many functions. Each button does one clear, logical function. Even people who haven't used a radar gun before can operate the Sport without any instruction. Memory recall enables the Sport to retrieve and display from memory the peak speed or the last recorded speed. The 4 digit, liquid crystal display (LCD) shows the speed to 1/10th MPH (or KPH). The display "icons" confirm various settings and operational status. The LCD provides high contrast daytime readability, while the backlighting provides excellent night viewing.

Reads Baseball Release & Plate Speeds to 1 MPH
When tracking pitches, a peak speed setting will show the "out of the hand" reading. This is the most consistent and common place to measure the speed. If you want to see what the speed was as it crossed the plate, just turn off the peak hold. After the pitch, you can "toggle" back and forth between peak and plate speeds to view both.

Automatic Top Speed Lock
The Peak Hold feature allows the gun to automatically hold or recall the peak speed. It keeps both the continuously tracked speeds, and the peak speed in memory. Even after a tracking, you can refer back to see the peak speed or the last speed.

Recommended for Pro Baseball Scouts
Professional baseball scouts often need to sit more than 200 feet away from the pitcher. Thanks to having three times the power of any competing pitching speed radar gun, the Stalker SPORT is able to consistently measure the ball speed at the moment the ball leaves the pitcher's hand, up to 350 feet away! No other baseball radar gun on the market can actually achieve that level of performance -- regardless of their claims.

The Stalker Sport proves that it's hard to beat a classic. Sport users understand it combines superior performance, quality, and price. And that's hard to beat.



Stalker Sport Specifications:

Accuracy  +/- 0.1 MPH
Speed Range  5 - 250 MPH

Target Acquisition Time

0.046 seconds
Microwave System K Band, 15 mw
Weight (cordless version) 2.5 pounds
Display units MPH, km/h
MPH, km/h TTL
Warranty 1 years parts and labor 90 days on batteries