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Stalker Pro II+

The Stalker Pro ll+

Why buy a Stalker Radar? Why buy a Stalker? Click here!

Accuracy. Range. Consistency. Wireless!

The sport radar that sets the standard is now wireless

Be in the game without being in the way. The new Stalker Pro II+ adds a new, faster processor and provides wireless connectivity to scoreboards, speed signs, mobile applications, and your own proprietary programs.

Stalker Pro II+ gun and hard travel case
Includes Stalker Pro II+, one Li-Ion battery handle, hard travel case, inline battery charger, and Quick Start Guide

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LED Speed Sign Systems Includes Stalker Pro II+, LED Speed Sign with Wireless module, Standard tripod, tripod mount, one Li-Ion battery handle, hard travel case, inline battery charger, and Quick Start Guide

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2 1/2 Digit Wireless

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3 1/2 Digit Wireless

2 1/2 digit and 3 1/2 digit LED Speed Signs shown with wireless module. Part #200-1328-00

Consistent Accuracy and Range

As the unrivaled leader in sports radar technology, Stalker Sport is the gold standard for consistent accuracy and superior range. The performance and durability of the Stalker Pro II+ comes through in all conditions, pitch after pitch, game after game.

NOW - Wireless Connectivity

The power of the Stalker Pro II+ unleashed!

Wireless streaming of velocity readings to stadium scoreboards and LED speed signs bring a new level of technology and excitement to the game. And, as mobile applications develop, the future of velocity capture and video imaging rests in the palm of your hand.



Stalker Pro II Specifications:

Speed Range 1 - 800 MPH
Accuracy  +/- 3% of reading

Maximum Clocking Distance

For baseballs - 500 feet of unobstructed views
1 3/4 miles for an average auto

Transmit Time: Roughly 5 hours per charge
Units of Measure mph, km/h, knots, m/s
Resolution Tenths and ones - user selectable
Radar Beam 12 degree
Acquisition Time 10 ms
Transmitter Power 10 mw
Communication RS-232 communication with RS-485
available on special order, 1200 to 38.4K baud
Ingress Protection IP67 dust and water proof