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Press Room

January 4, 2011 - Stalker Radar introduces new High Capacity Battery Handle for its Pro II hand-held sport radar guns

PLANO, Texas, January 4, 2011 —Stalker Radar, the World Leader in Speed Measurement, recently announced the release of a high-capacity battery handle for its Pro II hand-held sport radar guns.

Technically speaking, the new high-capacity Lithium-ion battery is rated at 3.7 amp hours when compared to the 2.4 amp hour rating of the standard battery handle.  Unlike older nickel-cadmium (NiCad) batteries, the Li-ion batteries have no memory effect, a slower loss of charge when not in use, and greater number of charge-discharge cycles during their lifetime.

Practically, high-capacity batteries mean 40% more capacity and longer time between charges – roughly 4 hours of constant transmit (“trigger down”) time, and significantly longer time in normal (intermittent transmit) use.

The new battery handles are standard on all new Pro II radars and compatible with a new high-capacity charger. The new batteries will also charge using both standard chargers and in-line (through the gun) charging circuits in the older radar guns, but require two (2) charging cycles to achieve full capacity. 
High-capacity charging circuitry upgrades are available for standard chargers and older model Pro II radar guns to allow them to charge a new high-capacity battery in one (1) charging cycle. Standard battery handles will also charge in high capacity chargers and work in both types of radar guns.

Stalker Radar is the World Leader in Speed Measurement.  Law enforcement organizations, professional sports teams, and manufacturers around the globe requiring state of the art speed measurement applications look to Stalker Radar products for the utmost in quality and value.


September 14, 2010 - Stalker Radar's new STATS II acceleration testing system stores data in the radar gun for later analysis

PLANO, Texas, September 14, 2010 —Stalker Radar Inc., the World Leader in Speed Measurement, unveiled its new STATS II (STalker Acceleration Testing System) package, utilizing the new Stalker ATS II radar gun and a new generation of Stalker's ATS II acceleration/deceleration analysis software.

The STATS II package is a portable and accurate system for measuring and analyzing an object's acceleration rate and deceleration rate, as well as calculating the distance traveled in a measured amount of time.

Unlike the previous generation STATS software, the radar gun does not have to be connected to a computer when taking acceleration/deceleration readings. Stalker's STATS II system provides a detailed picture through graphs and tables of the dynamics of acceleration and is perfect for racing organizations, vehicle manufactures, and athletes. Stalker's STATS II system is particularly useful in situations where it's inconvenient or impossible to have a computer concurrently connected to the radar.

The new ATS II software is also backwards compatible with the first-generation Stalker Pro ATS radar.

During operation, the ATS II radar measures speeds at precise intervals and stores them for later download to the computer. The ATS II software accumulates the readings, analyzes the speed data, assigns time information, and calculates distance and acceleration for each data sample. Then it renders them into graph and table format.

The ATS II radar's capture software processes the trial data to limit interference effects and can apply a wide variety of filters to the raw radar data in order to smooth the effects of noise and other data interruptions to compile a more accurate graph. The ATS II software provides five different graphs to measure: speed-distance, speed-time, acceleration-time, acceleration-distance, and distance-time.

With the STATS II system, readings can be uploaded for analysis anytime. When used hand-held, data can be transferred by pulling the radar trigger; when the radar is remotely mounted, data can be transferred from the computer's keyboard.

The new features of the ATS II Radar gun include: • Local Storage of Trials- An hour’s worth of speed samples can be stored and the total storage can be divided among any number of trials. • Expanded Built-In Applications- Carnival, Car, Baseball, and Tennis modes are adjustable to provide greater accuracy. • Higher-Speed sampling- A higher sampling rate produces more speed readings per second which improves the accuracy acceleration analysis. • Adjustable Data Transfer Rate- The baud rate of data transfer between the radar gun and the computer is now adjustable, which allows the use of higher transfer rates when possible while providing lower rates when required.