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Stalker Pro II
ProII Speed Sensor rear view
Bluetooth capable
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The Stalker Solo 2

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Sports Radar Gun

The Do-It-All Sports Radar Lightweight and powerful sports radar designed to accurately measure speeds of balls, vehicles, and watercraft moving through the air, over land, or on water. The Stalker Solo 2 brings full functionality and features to the speed measurement of virtually any application.

Whether your need is in a stadium, on a track, on dirt, snow or water, the Solo 2 will outperform competitive brands day after day.

The Solo 2 measures the peak (release) and current speed in 2 active windows.

Quickly and accurately measure the speed of vehicles on land or water.

The Solo 2 attaches to the side of a backdrop and measure the speed of midway game balls thrown from only a few feet away.

Track tennis ball speed on serves and returns from courtside game after game.


Stalker Solo 2 Package

Package Number 827-0001-00

Only $1,048.00

Includes Stalker Solo 2, hard carrying case, NiMH battery, battery charger adapter, and
Operator's Manual

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in Continental US only
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Stalker Solo 2 features:

The Do-It-All Sport Radar from the World Leader in Sports Speed Measurement

The engineers at Stalker Radar have designed the powerful Solo 2 sport radar from the ground up.

Up-To-Date Radar Design
The Solo 2 features newly designed software and algorithms created specifically for sports speed applications, measuring the speed of baseballs, automobiles, tennis balls, and in carnival games. Modern circuitry, components, and advanced manufacturing techniques add up to a smaller, lighter gun with no compromises in functionality.
Stalker Solo 2 includes:
  • Package:  K-Band Radar Gun;  6 NiMH batteries; wall charger; manual; and hard case.
  • 1 - Year Warranty.
  • 2 Active Speed Windows – Both Peak Speed and Plate Speed.
  • Uses common AA batteries - rechargeable NiMh with low battery indication.
  • Stopwatch function – Simultaneously measures pitches and times runners – optional stopwatch cable required.
  • Two transmit modes – Pull-to-transmit; pull-on, pull-off.
  • Recall Previous – Recalls previous 5 readings.
  • Modes:  Baseball; car; tennis; carnival.
  • Optional Accessories:  12VDC cigarette lighter receptacle adaptor; stopwatch cable; and Speed Sign cable.
  • 30 day money back guarantee



Stalker Solo 2 Specifications:

Transmitter power 5mw (nominal)
Maximum Range: 1 mile for average auto
  300 feet for baseballs)

Transmit Time:

4 1/2 hours
Speed Range: 5 – 600 mph
Speed acquisition time 10-millisecond
Standard Data Port RS-232/RS-485, 1200 baud to 38.4 Kbaud – communicates with any serial device.
Beamwidth: 14°
Speed resolution: Tenths, Ones
Units of Measure: MPH; KM/H; knots; and meters/second.