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Whether your OEM application requires a Surface Velocity Radar (SVR), Traffic Speed Sensor (moving or stationary), a Stationary Speed Sensor, a Speedometer Speed Sensor, or a Sports Speed Sensor, the Stalker Speed Sensor is the ideal Doppler Radar solution for you.

The Stalker Speed Sensor is a complete Doppler Radar in a small, rugged, waterproof, cast-aluminum housing. Just supply 9-16 VDC and it will produce serial speed data configured to your application.

The Stalker Speed Sensor has the range and performance of the legendary Stalker Traffic Radar products. Your application might not require our 2-mile range, but it is there if you need it.


Pro II Speed Sensor - NEW
The Pro II Speed Sensor is a complete Doppler Radar in a small, rugged housing that can measure the speed of a wide variety of objects including baseballs, vehicles, tennis balls, and hockey pucks. It combines features of the Stalker Pro II handheld sport gun and the legacy Sport Speed Sensor. The unit is available in an RS-232 model and an RS-485 model and includes complete software support.

Surface Velocity Radar
Sets a new standard in OEM water flow measurement
The Stalker Speed Sensor SVR is the ideal solution for OEM projects where accurate, reliable water flow measurement is a primary requirement. Backed by nearly two decades experience in microwave radar and 22 radar-related patents, the Speed Sensor SVR is self-contained in a waterproof enclosure and only needs 12 VDC to operate.

Traffic Speed Sensor
When the application requires a radar with both moving and stationary capabilities, the Traffic Speed Sensor is the natural choice. Though not intended for use in enforcing speed laws in the U.S., the Traffic Speed Sensor has all the features of a world-class traffic radar built in.

Stationary Speed Sensor
When measuring speed from a fixed position, the Stationary Speed Sensor is the right choice. The Speed Sensor’s waterproof case allows it to be mounted in any outdoor location. Use it anywhere that speed measurement from a fixed location is the primary requirement.

Speedometer Speed Sensor
If the application is in motion, the Speedometer Speed Sensor fits the assignment. Think of it as a Radar Speedometer and more. For example, since it’s direction sensing it can measure speed in both directions. Use it anywhere the object that it’s mounted on is in motion.

Sports Speed Sensor
Sports Radars have special requirements, whether it is measuring a baseball, automobile, speedboat, or snowmobile. Greater accuracy is needed inside a narrower speed range. Look to the Sports Speed Sensor to meet those requirements.

For more information:
Contact Jennifer Day, International and OEM Sales
1-972-398-3750 , ext. 122
Email: jennifer@stalkerradar.com


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Pro II Speed Sensor

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