Street Dynamics Web Portal

Radar Speed Signs and Speed Trailers are now Stalker Street Dynamics!

Our traffic products line is growing so much that we have given them their own website and a new name: Stalker Street Dynamics!   Here you’ll find all of our:

  • Radar speed signs
  • Message signs
  • Speed trailers
  • SLOW DOWN signs
  • YOUR SPEED signs
  • Traffic Data Collectors

So whether you are a police department, municipality, school district, or HOA, Stalker Street Dynamics will give you the tools you need to make your streets and neighborhoods safer.

The Street Dynamics Web Portal

You can also learn about the Street Dynamics Web Portal. In just a few clicks, the Portal allows you to remotely access your connected PMGs, update messaging, schedule messages in advance using the Calendar, and publish full-color reports and charts with your collected traffic data.

Web Portal

Remotely access your connected PMGs, update messages, schedule via the calendar, and create traffic data reports – right from your desk.


The flagship Stalker and messaging sign, which can also be equipped with radar for speed enforcement. Display up to 3 lines of text. MUTCD-compliant.


Compact without sacrificing visibility, the Stalker SAM radar speed trailer features bright amber characters that are visible from up to 1,000’ away.


Our easiest-to-tow YOUR SPEED sign. Features a rotating mast and changeable speed limit numbers. Detects speeds from up to 1,200’.


A radar speed sign, messaging sign, and traffic data collector in one. Pairs perfectly with the Web Portal and the Flood Sensor.

Flood Sensor

Automatically trigger your PMG to display warning messages based on rising or receding water levels. Connect up to 3 sensors to one PMG.

Traffic Data Collector

Collect free-flow traffic counts to study traffic patterns and gather valuable data for grants, city planning, and speed enforcement efforts.

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