Make Traffic Data Work for You with Stalker Traffic Analyst and Stalker Easy Analyst.

Traffic Analyst takes the guesswork out of selective speed enforcement, grant applications and needs analysis, and traffic planning by providing actionable, real-world traffic data.

Stalker EasyAnalyst

Easy-to-use software to interpret and present traffic data.

EasyAnalyst is Stalker Radar’s latest traffic analysis application. It has been designed to be the easiest to use statistical software package available by far. EasyAnalyst imports data directly from all statistics-enabled Stalker speed and messaging trailers, sensors, and signs. There is no data conversion or other complicated computer operation- anyone can use this simple software!

The data is automatically formatted into customizable reports and graphics that can be assembled and saved into templates for later use in traffic impact analysis, grant applications, and city planning. 


Choose your traffic data

Choose your report

Stalker Radar Traffic Data analysis software

Choose your output

Stalker Radar Traffic Data analysis software


Import your data, enter your location information, and choose your report. It’s that simple.

  • Speed Compliance Report
  • Speed Enforcement Report
  • Speed Profile Report
  • Traffic Density Report
  • Traffic Matrix Report
  • Speed Profile Bubble
  • Traffic Volume Report
Stalker Radar Traffic Data analysis software
Stalker Radar Traffic Data analysis software

Stalker Traffic Analyst

Collect And Analyze Valuable Traffic Data In Support Of Grant Applications And Community Policing With Industry-Leading Effectiveness with Stalker's Traffic Analyst software.

The very first step of the grant application process is to define the need. Whether for adjusting a speed limit, purchasing a speed/message sign, or allocating department resources, properly assembled traffic data can make all the difference between a winning or losing application. Powerful traffic statistic tools are essential when analyzing aggregate data.

The Stalker Traffic Analyst is the perfect tool for the job.  Analysis controls allow the user to take raw data and display it in many useful ways, including count vs time, count vs speed, 85th percentile, and many more. You can also easily create reports that include filtered data, graphs, and full-color charts. Click the button to add your department’s logo and support information, and then you have a full report to share with any committee, manager, or grant-giving institution. 

Beginning with the setup, intuitive survey management tools walk the user through calendar setup, location details, speed and time resolutions, vehicle classification, speeds, distances, and more.

Pair with any of our radar speed signs and message trailers to collect data from anywhere that can be accessed by road!


The Analysis Control palette where the type of analysis is chosen and then applied to the data.

  • Count vs Time
  • Weekly Count vs Time
  • Count vs Speed
  • Percentile Chart
  • Average Speed vs Time
  • Speed vs Time Bubble Chart
  • Enforcement - Pie chart
  • A simple tool for Law Enforcement, - citizens, city council, and - management. Quickly display vehicle speeds below, moderately above, and excessively above speed limit threshold.


Stalker Radar Traffic Data analysis software

The Graph Controls palette provides additional options such as grid detail, data values, display type (graph or tabular) and graph type.


Stalker Radar Traffic Data analysis software

Fine tune the data by more selective parameters such as speed, dates, times, classification, and traffic direction.


Simple setup allows for custom design of your reports with Agency information, branding, photos, and other supporting details for printing and distribution.


An intuitive setup window steps you through all of the necessary data to be included:

  • Location details
  • Survey configuration
  • Speed/time resolutions, vehicle
  • Classifications, speeds, distances
  • Calendar setup
  • Modes, days of the week
  • Start/stop times


Communication between the Traffic Analyst program and the Stalker Traffic Statistics sensor is simple and virtually automatic.

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